Make Your Own Refrigerator Wine Rack

How to make your own wine rack for storage in the refrigerator.

The drinking of wine can be an experience like no other... the taste, the aroma, and the ritual of it all can make it seem like you're in another world. Of course, it would be a lot easier if you had a place where it could be stored correctly while staying cool... just like the wine cellars of old. But it's not possible to find a simple solution to the problem of not having a good storage place for wine in these modern times... or is it?

Storage for wine for the most part has very few requirements. It needs to be stored on its side so that the cork doesn't dry out, and it needs to be kept away from too much light or heat. If you want to meet those requirements while keeping with the convenience of the modern world, perhaps you should consider making a simple wine rack in your refrigerator.

When starting to plan a wine rack, take a look at the layout of your refrigerator to see what you have to work with. In most models of refrigerator, the bottom shelf is almost ideal for a wine rack... it's shaded from a lot of the light by the shelves above, there's plenty of room for the rack to fit in, and it's usually a bit more bare than the shelves above it. A little creative rearrangement of the refrigerator's contents (and maybe even the shelves, if you have a model of refrigerator that supports that sort of thing), and you'll be ready to start making your rack.

Most wine racks are very simple in design... either a series of shelves with spaces cut out for the bottles to fit in or a lattice pattern are quite common. The lattice would be easier to work with in creating a refrigerator rack, since it is both lightest and easiest to manipulate... however, should you decide that you want an intricate pattern hand carved in mahogany wood, that would be fine too. After all, it is your rack...

To make a simple lattice-style wine rack, you can use either thick wire or wooden dowels... create a series of "x" patterns, tied or attached together wherever the pieces cross with space in between for a bottle of wine to fit. Once you have one lattice large enough to fill the space you have available (and that can hold several bottles), create another in the same pattern and attach them to each other with around 6-8 inches in between the two. (You can use more dowels or wire to do this, or use another method.) If everything is secured correctly, the two lattices should be able to hold several bottles of wine without bending, shifting, or breaking. Once you've got it together, place it into your refrigerator in the space provided (leaving about 1 inch between the rack and the back of the refrigerator) and start loading it up with bottles (with the corks facing outward). You could load the rack beforehand, but it will be more difficult to get it positioned if you do.

Should you have any problems with the rack holding together, try weaving your wire together or using thicker dowels. You also might want to use glue or epoxy on the joints of the lattice in addition to any bindings that you use.

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