How To Make Your Own Slip Covers For A Sleeper Sofa

This article will show you how to make a slip cover that won't interfere with the function of your sleeper sofa.

Making a slip cover for a sleeper sofa is particularly challenging because you have to consider that this sofa unfolds into a bed. This article will show you how to make one that won't interfere with the function of your sleeper sofa. Get ready to spruce up your outdated furniture!

First roll out your fabric inside out along the top of the sofa. Most likely you will need to roll out some fabric along the back of the sofa, cut, then roll more fabric out along the backrest of the sofa, seaming the two along the top (seams are where the fabric is sewn together). Leave the area where the sleeper part of the sofa unfolds bare, without the new fabric. Now you start pinning. A handy trick is to safety pin the fabric to the sofa so it doesn't move while you are connecting the fabric with pins. Use a few safety pins along the bottom and in the center of each side just to hold it in place. Once you have that seam pinned, remove the fabric from the couch and sew the seam together. Take it back to the sofa and place it on there again inside out. So far your slip cover should only cover the very back of the sofa and the back rest (where your back goes when you sit on it) with no fabric over the seat cushions or the folded sleeper bed.

If needed, safety pin the fabric to the sofa again to keep in place while you do the next step, the arms. Unroll your fabric inside out over one arm. Not only do you need to make the shape of the arm, you also need to attach it to your already begun slip cover. Just keep pinning and carefully cutting off excess fabric until you have the right shape. Think of wrapping a present, only this present is inside out. So instead of folding a corner and taping, you pinch the fabric and pin it together. You still fold a corner it's just inside out. Once you finish one arm take it to the sewing machine and sew along the pin line. When done take the slip cover back to the sofa, put it on inside out, and create another arm just as you did with the first. The back and forth to the sewing machine is much easier then trying to sew this whole thing at once. Now take the slip cover back to the sofa, but this time put it on right side out.

Now to cover the skirt of the sleeper sofa without affecting the "sleeper" part is a bit tricky, but with the use of velcro suddenly it's a cinch. Attach one piece of velcro towards the bottom of the armrest part of the slip cover. Do the same on the other side. Then roll out a piece of fabric along the skirt, cut, and hem. Attach the opposite piece of velcro to each side of this long piece of fabric then just velcro onto the couch. If it sags in the middle you can apply velcro directly to the sofa and the opposite piece of velcro to the middle of the fabric. Do this slightly under where the cushions are so no one will notice it.

The last step is to make slip covers for the couch cushions. It's the same process of inside out fabric being pinned then sewn. The only difference is how you close the cushion. This is a slip cover so the cushion covers need to be able to come on and off. You can leave the back merely hemmed, like your average pillowcase. However it will hold better if you make it like a pillowcase but then add velcro so it stays closed. It you are an excellent seamstress you can even install zippers. If you are a novice, stick with easy velcro.

You now have a slip cover for your sleeper sofa that you don't have to take off to access the fold out bed. This is perfect for disguising an ugly outdated sleeper sofa without having to reveal to overnight guests just how ugly it is. Plus it's a slip cover so you can take it off, wash it, and replace it as often as your taste changes.

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