How To Make Your Own Wedding Favor Tags

Creating your own tags for your wedding favors is not only less expensive but allows you to create a truly personalized tag.

Wedding favors are the best way to thank your guests for attending your special day and for their continued love and support.Most often, these feelings are conveyed through the text on the favor s tag.Making your own favor tags is easy and allows you to truly customize everything about them, from color and size to message and font style.With store-bought tags, your options are limited.Store-bought tags are also going to cost you more money.

Think about what kind of tag you want for your favor.Consider color, size, shape, texture, and decoration.Favor tags can be made out of anything you can write on.Some craft stores actually sell bundles of blank tags, which is probably the easiest way to whip up your own tags.Carefully add some choice words and a ribbon, and you are good to go.However, there are other options that are a little less expensive.

Business cards make great tags.Most stationary stores sell the blank, perforated kind in a variety of colors and styles.Using business cards is great because most word processing programs come with a business card template, allowing you to have very clean-looking, typed tags.(A calligraphy font from the computer is much cheaper than an actual calligrapher!)You can even add borders and pictures right on your computer.When they are finished printing, separate the cards.Punch a hole in one corner and thread a ribbon or raffia through the hole to attach them to your favor.For a smaller tag, you can cut the cards in half, getting twice as many tags from every package of business cards.

However, if a business card seems like it would be too small for your favor, but you like the look and feel of the paper they are printed on, then you will want to go with cardstock.Cardstock can be purchased from craft or stationary stores.It comes in the standard 8.5 by 11 paper size (so it too can go through your printer).Cardstock is available in many colors.The great thing about having a full sheet of cardstock is that you can make your tag in any shape you want: squares, triangles, circles, hearts, anything!You can make the shape of your tag match the theme of your favor or wedding.These shapes can be made using stencils available from craft stores or even cookie cutters!

My favorite way to make a favor tag is to use a combination of the business cards and cardstock.Print up a message on the business card, round off the corners with a pair of scissors, and paste it onto a slightly larger piece of colored cardstock.Round off the corners of the cardstock and then punch a hole in the upper left corner.Thread a piece of sheer ribbon (in the same color as the cardstock) through the hole and attach the tag to your favor.

If paper tags aren t what you had envisioned, favor tags can also be of the sticker variety.Blank mailing address labels can be printed in the same way as business cards.Address labels also come in different sizes, from small return address labels to massive 5-inch labels.However large or small your favor is, there is a label that is an appropriate size.

Don t think that sticker tags can only be rectangular though!Many stationary stores will be able to provide you with blank round stickers too.If your word processing program isn t already equipped with a template for the round stickers, most likely the packaging will list a website where one can be downloaded.(Don t worry! Downloading new templates is easy!)

Don t think that cardstock and stickers are your only options.You are making your own labels so you have free range.Get creative!If you are having a beach-themed wedding, consider writing your message on a seashell, real or plastic.If the bride and groom are shutterbugs, use a photo as the tag.Write up a message on a piece of plain paper, large enough to read from a slight distance, and take a picture of the bride and groom holding up the sign.This quirky picture doubles as a gift because the guests can frame it when they get home.

Perhaps the hardest part of creating your own favor tags is choosing the wording.Obviously, the names of the bride and groom and the wedding date will have to be on there somewhere.Other than that, your choices are endless.Start by nailing down the feeling you want the message to convey.Is your wedding romantic and serious?Do you want to tell your guests that they are the most important people in the world to you?Or do you want to leave your guests with a chuckle and a smile?

Once you have decided on the message s feeling, you can truly begin to compose it.If you are going for a more romantic and serious message, brainstorm for words that evoke that feeling in you.Words likelove, caring,andsupportare likely to be on your list.Use these words in your message.Chances are, if the words make you feel sentimental, they will make your guests feel the same.If nothing else, speak from the heart.Close your eyes and imagine what it is you would say if you were speaking to one of your guests face to face.It doesn t have to be perfect the first time, but chances are, you will have phrases that you definitely want to use.

If you are going for a funnier message, the most classic way is to use a pun.A tag reading,Bean together a long time,on a package of coffee would be a good example.The puns are generally matched to the favor item or theme of the wedding.Most likely, you will want to invest the help of a few friends with this.Puns are not always easy to come up with, and a group brainstorming session will help coax out the perfect pun for your favor.

If you find yourself completely stumped for a message to place on your tag, you can always consult a professional.No, I m not talking about hiring a wedding consultant.Look through wedding stationary books.Just because you don t want to purchase your tags, doesn t mean you can t browse through the available products for ideas!

Once you have chosen your message, type it up on your computer in the appropriate template.If you aren t that computer-savvy or simply don t want to use a computer, don t worry!You can still make a beautiful tag; it s just going to take a little more time and patience.You ll want to buy yourself a calligraphy marker.Practice on a scrap piece of paper until you are comfortable writing with it.You re calligraphy doesn t have to be perfect.As long as your tags look neat and legible, they will be beautiful.But if you are still nervous, write on your tags in pencil first to ensure that everything looks the way you want it to.

You now have all the information you need to make a truly personalized wedding favor tag.Be patient with yourself as you decide how you want your tag to look.The options are endless and there is a tag for every bride.

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