How To Make Party Invitations With Translucent Vellum Paper

Creating your own party invitations from translucent vellum paper will not only be rewarding but a fun and creative project. These easy, inexpensive and unique ideas will fit young and young-at-heart crafters.

When creating invitations to a party, whether for a birthday, anniversary, bridal shower or any other event, the theme of the party can be illustrated by the invitation; the wording, the illustrations or even the paper itself.

Invitations are needed to announce the party and should include the following basic information:

Who or what the party is for?

Who is invited?

The date and time of the party

An R.S.V.P.


A message indicating the type of party

A unique, elegant, attention-getting invitation can be printed by hand or on a home computer, for little cost with the use of translucent vellum paper.Translucent vellum paper is transparent in color and smooth in finish.Though the thickness can vary, most stationary and office supply stores carry a typical weight similar to printing paper that will easily fit through home printers - inquire before purchasing to be safe.All weights can be cut or shaped to size, written upon or used with rubber stamps and ink.Vellum paper stands up well to adhesive spray glue, glitter, charms, ribbons or your own special creation.

Try some of these ideas to entice guests:

After printing the invitation wording on vellum paper, overlay it on a floral, plaid or dark colored invitation and secure in place with a corresponding colored ribbon bow.

After printing the invitation wording on vellum paper, overlay on a pink, blue or green background, securing with a diaper pin instead of ribbon for a Baby Shower invitation.For a wine tasting invitation, try a burgundy background and secure the vellum paper with a wine glass charm.

Stamp hearts in various colors on vellum paper for an anniversary or Valentine's Day party theme.Try paw print stamps to celebrate a dog's adoption party, cactus stamps for a bar-b-que, or sailboat stamps to celebrate a new boat purchase.Heat embossing powders, found at craft stores, added to an ink stamp will create an elegant look without too much cost.Directly after stamping, sprinkle the powder and heat per the packages instructions.

Draw a wedding gown or tuxedo on vellum paper with a gold pen, add glitter or sequins for flare and glue to a white invitation for a Bridal/Groom Shower invitation.Spray adhesives work the best with vellum as thick glues can leave a film or large clump on the translucent paper.

Glue cake candles to vellum paper cut in the shape of a cake; print the wording directly on the paper for a unique birthday invitation.

Print the invitation on vellum paper and cut into puzzle pieces.Mail to your guest for an interesting game that will get them in the mood for a fun surprise party.

Layer a photograph under the vellum and cut the paper in a heart or star shape to highlight the party's guest of honor.

Whatever invitation style you create, don't be disappointed by having the invitations returned for "postage due." Adding translucent paper as an overlay can increase the weight or enlarge the envelope size resulting in an increase in postage.Be certain to double check the weight.Postal employees are very helpful regarding weighing and postage amounts so, don't be afraid to inquire.

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