How To Make A Princess Castle Cake

How to make and decorate a princess castle cake.

A princess castle cake is simple for even a novice cake decorator to create. Magical and sparkly, it is sure to appeal to any princess.

To create a castle cake, you will need the following:

- 4 round 9" cake pans

- Cake batter for 2 full-size cakes (equal to 2 standard cake mixes)

- A 6" cardboard or paper circle

- White buttercream icing for 2 full-size cakes (2 - 3 tubs of pre-made frosting)

- Pink food coloring

- Sparkling decorating sugar (white, pink, silver or lavender)

- 4 or 5 ice cream cones (sugar cones that come to a point)

- Decorating icing or gel

Optional decorations:

- Graham crackers

- Gumdrops, candy hearts other small pastel candies

- Thin licorice whips

- Fruit leather, cut into small triangles

- Princess figurine(s)

Following the directions for the cake recipe or mix, bake four round cake layers. Allow the layers to cool completely before assembling and frosting the cake.

Trim two of the cake layers to six inch-sized circles. To trim them, simply place a clean cardboard or paper circle on top of the cake and cut around the edge of it with a sharp serrated knife. Eat or discard the trimmings; they are not used to make the cake.

Place one nine-inch cake layer on a platter or cake board. Spread a generous layer of icing on top of the cake; place the second nine-inch cake layer on top of the icing, so the edges of the two layers are even.

On a separate surface, repeat this process with the six-inch cake layers. The result will be a nine-inch two layer cake and a six-inch two layer cake.

Spread icing onto the top of the nine-inch cake. Using large spatulas, carefully lift and place the six-inch cake on top of the nine-inch cake, forming a tiered four-layer cake. Frost the exterior of the entire cake with white or very pale pink icing, smoothing the frosting so the decorations will stand out. To get the frosting surface extremely smooth, dip your knife or spatula into boiling water, then gently stroke it over the frosting.

Place approximately a cup of icing in a small bowl and use the pink food coloring to tint it a bright pink. Frost each cone with a thin layer of icing, then apply sparkly decorating sugar to it. Place one cone on top of the entire cake; place the others around the edge of the six-inch cake section.

Use decorating icing or gel in dark pink, red or purple to create windows and doors on the castle.

For additional decorations, use icing covered graham crackers to create an open drawbridge; thin licorice whips can be placed into the icing to create the chains holding the bridge up. Triangular fruit leather pieces can be adhered to the tops of the cones to make colorful, edible flags. Place small candies around the tops of the cake layers; gumdrops make excellent ramparts along the top of the castle walls. Small figurines such as a Princess or other favorite character may be placed on the cake to complete the scene.

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