How to Make & Print Invitation Postcards

By Diane Dilov-Schultheis

  • Overview

    If you are planning a party or an event for a special occasion, you need to send invitations. One of the best ways to do this is to make and print invitation postcards. Using postcards for invitations is a very cost-effective way to go because the expense for postage will be less for a postcard. You can make these invitations using a Microsoft Word program that you probably already have on your computer. All you need to make and print your invitation postcards besides the program is paper and a printer. You can even include your very own graphics, if you desire.
    Invitation Postcards
    • Step 1

      Get an invitation postcard template online. You can make your invitation postcards from the templates found at Microsoft Office Online website. Utilize the link provided (see "Additional Resources," below) to view the available postcard templates. Single out one of the various designs and click on it to see it full size. Make your selection. Click the "Download" button provided to get your invitation postcard template. Read the Microsoft Service Agreement, and afterward click on the "Accept" button. The invitation postcard will open in your Microsoft Word program.
    • Step 2

      Make changes to produce your own invitation-postcard phrasing. Highlight whichever words are on the postcard, if you want to delete or revise any. To add words, select "Insert" from the menu bar and then "Text Box." A box will appear that you can place and resize to your needs. If you want to be more artistic, you could use WordArt. Click on the icon for it, or you can locate it under "Insert," then "Picture" followed by "WordArt." Select the style you would like and then click on "OK." Decide on a font and size, and then type your letters in the text box. Click "OK" to add it to your invitation postcard.
    • Step 3

      Change the image or add graphics to the invitation postcard. To add your own photo, select "Insert," then "Picture" followed by the source of your picture or drawing. The options available include: From File, Clip Art, Auto Shapes, From Scanner or Camera, New Drawing and Chart. Decide on the one to add to your invitation postcard. You can modify the pictures format through double clicking it and adjusting the different options found in the Format Picture box. Make any modifications preferred and then click the "OK" button.
    • Step 4

      Print your invitation postcards. Read the instructions supplied with the sheets of postcard paper you have to accurately load it in your printer. Click on the "Print" icon to print the invitations. If you are going to be printing on both sides, be certain to insert the paper correctly to print the back.
    • Skill: Moderately Easy
    • Ingredients:
    • Computer
    • Microsoft Office
    • Printer
    • Post-card sheets
    • Picture, drawing or clip art (optional)
    • Tip: Verify that the template you want from Microsoft Office Online is created for your specific edition of Word. Every template has details about which version of Word it is for.
    • Tip: You should save a copy of the invitation postcard. Then it will be possible to draw on it later on to make other invitation postcards.
    • Warning:
    • You may want to print a "test sheet" first. This will let you make any modifications required before using the actual postcard sheets of paper.
    • Confirm the kind of postcard sheets required before downloading. Some of the postcards will print four each page and others will hold only two. Find the Avery number or style you need.

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