How To Make Quick Bikinis

You won't believe how easy it is to sew your own bikinis. Use articles of clothing that you already have for the patterns.

Time for a new bathing suit? Don't spend a fortune on a tiny bit of material. Make your own and save a bundle. Since it takes less than a half yard to make most bikinis you'll have very little invested in the material. Choose an easy design and you'll have little invested in time as well.

Choose your fabric wisely. Some shops have specific bathing suit fabric. Stretchy material that isn't too thin is the best choice. You can choose more than one color to mix and match the suits.

You probably have many different things that you can use for a pattern. Panties, bras, shorts or tops are great patterns. All you have to do is adjust them in certain areas and you've got a perfect fit.

One quick and easy bathing suit top is a wrap-around strapless number. Measure around the bust line then cut the width at about six inches. More or less width can be cut depending upon how much coverage you want. Cut two pieces and lay them right sides together. Sew one side seam then open and lay flat. Use quarter inch elastic to hem the bottom edge of the top. Fold the fabric over the elastic then turn elastic and fabric over once. This will hide the raw edge. Stitch along the edge of the hem on the backside. Stretch elastic only slightly while stitching the hem. Do the exact same thing to the top edge and the top of the bikini is done.

A slightly different style of the same top is to add an additional elastic piece in the center of the top. Mark the center of the bikini top at the bottom and top edges. Place the end of the elastic piece at the edge of the top and zig-zag stitch down to the bottom center. Pull the elastic slightly as you stitch. Cut off excess. One other variation is to add straps in any number of styles. Cris-cross them across the back or just go with the traditional strap. Or do a design of three braided straps to make one.

Select a favorite pair of panties for a bikini bottom pattern. Measure and cut the back piece and the front piece. Cut two pieces for the crotch of the bikini. Sew one crotch piece edge to the edge of the back bottom. Sew the other edge to the front bottom piece. Now align the second crotch piece in the crotch area of the bikini. Sew only the sides and not the ends. Place elastic along the edge and run it from the back to the front of the bottoms. Turn the fabric over the elastic once then turn the fabric and elastic over again to eliminate the raw edge. Do this at both leg areas before stitching. Side seam one side. Place the elastic in the waist band and bring the edge of the fabric over the elastic. Flip elastic and fabric once to hide the raw edge. Stitch elastic in from the open seam edge of the back to the edge of the front. Stretch elastic only slightly while stitching.

A slightly different arrangement is to make two ties, one for each side seam. Wrap the tie around the side seam and tie it. This gathers the bikini bottom downwards on the sides. Variations can be done to the bathing suit like making each section a different color or sewing on fanciful trims.

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