How To Make Quick Sachets

Tips and instructions on making homemade sachets that are so simple to make that you'll want to make one for every drawer and closet.

Give a touch of scent to closets, dresser drawers or linen closets when you make your own quick and easy sachets. The only things required to make sachets are a small bag or wrap and something that smells nice. This opens up all kinds of possibilities. Scraps of fabric, pieces of lace, and panty hose pieces will work for the bag. Or visit the fabric store and ask for samples of certain pieces of cloth. Most craft departments are happy to give you a small square of several different fabrics that they carry. If you find one you really love, go back to purchase a yard or so for future projects. The perfect fabric will be loosely knot or woven but won't allow tiny pieces of potpourri to fall. Pick up a few yards of different colored ribbons to accent the sachet bags.

Some people find it easiest to lay a piece of cloth over a cup and tuck the fabric down partially inside before dropping in the potpourri. The potpourri can be large dried pieces or small fragrance beads. After filling the cloth two-thirds full slip a tiny rubber band around to secure it then tie on a ribbon.

You can take a little extra time to make small drawstring bags for the potpourri. Cut a rectangle from satin or lace, fold it in half with right sides together, and sew three sides shut. Hem the edge and make a button hole on each side for slipping in the drawstring cord. After filling simply pull the drawstrings and toss in a drawer.

Sachets don't have to be in a bag. A small box makes a great sachet; just replace the lid with a piece of lace. Fill two-thirds full of potpourri then tie a ribbon around the perimeter of the box.

Purchase charms to hang on the ribbon to add elegance to the sachet. The charms, normally meant for wine glasses or necklaces, slide easily onto the ribbon before tying.

Wood shavings hold scents for a long time. Soak them in food coloring and essential oils then drain them onto paper towels. Allow the wood chips to dry well - several days - or stains will appear on the sachet from the oils. In place of the essential oils you can use perfumes or talcs but powders are best made into a box sachet.

Pour essential oils onto thin foam pieces and allow to dry. Cut the foam into tiny slivers and fill a sachet. Soak small silk flowers or even other pieces of fabric in essential oils for sachets. After soaking a cloth and allowing it to dry roll it up and place it in the sachet bag. You can also cut up incense sticks or cones and fill a sachet with their wonderful aromas.

Use scented gel candles to make quick sachets by pulling small pieces from the candle, rolling them into tiny balls, and putting them in the sachet cloth. Scented wax candles can simply be shaved and the pieces tucked into a sachet.

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