How To Make Raspberry Leaf Tea

Raspberry leaf tea helps promote the body's ability to heal itself by raspberry leaves. Learn more.

There are many uses for raspberry-leaf tea; some include as a skin tonic, as a gargle for sore throats, to help alleviate toxins in the body, and also for bedwetting.

You will find that raspberry-leaf tea is found in many folk remedies. It was used to treat wounds and ease menstrual cramps. Herbalists use it to ease the effects of nausea, stomach upset, and the symptoms of the flu and tonsillitis.

Raspberry-leaf tea is great for acne sufferers: to prepare tea to use as a face wash take three tablespoon raspberry leaves and add to four cups boiling water, stir and let cool. Then apply to face with mild soap three times per day. This mix contains disinfectant properties so it will help cure any infection of the skin.

To prepare raspberry leaf tea for a gargle, take one-tablespoon raspberry leaves and two cups hot water, mix together and gargle several times per day. If you wish you might add other herbs to this mixture, for example, calendula flowers, peppermint, or can be mixed with a tea.

To make a mixture to help clean out your system of toxins, mix 1-teaspoon raspberry leaves, 1-teaspoon dandelion root, pour one cup of boiling water over leaves and root let stand for fifteen minutes. Then drink this mixture three times per day.

To help relieve cramps take two ounces of raspberry leaves and one ounce peppermint combine together. Then take three teaspoons of mixture and mix with one cup boiling water; let stand for five minutes and drink this mixture three times per day as needed.

Raspberry-leaf tea is also said to alleviate cramps during childbirth, to help alleviate pain drink one cup one contractions first begin. Do not use during early pregnancy.

Raspberry-leaf tea is also used in aromatherapy to prevent bed-wetting. To prepare this mixture take two-third ounce raspberry leaves, two-third ounce elder flowers, two-third chamomile flowers and two-third linden flowers. Mix all these herbs together, then use one teaspoon of this mixture per one cup of boiling water. This mixture helps build the bladder muscles.

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