How To Make A Roll-Up Travel Jewelry Holder

While traveling don't risk having your jewelry scratched and kinked. Make a roll-up jewelry holder to protect necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

While traveling most people find it a little tricky to store their jewelry. Their choices seem to be limited to wearing it all at the same time or storing it in a purse or suitcase pocket where the pieces can kink and entangle. Making a jewelry carry-all is the perfect solution to the problem.

Fabrics that don't unravel are good choices but velvet or velveteen gives the carry-all class and beauty as well. Black velvet is a gorgeous background for gold and silver but felt could be used instead. Whichever you choose you'll still have to line the carrier so select black satin or another fabric and color that will match the carry-all outer fabric.

Cut one piece of each type of cloth 10" X 11". Place the pieces, right sides together, and sew from a third of the way across the bottom (one of the short sides), around the other three sides, and a third of the way across the bottom. This should leave the middle third of the bottom section open for turning. Turn the piece right sides out and stitch the bottom shut and continue stitching, an eighth of an inch from the edge, around the perimeter. For a thicker, more quilted jewelry holder insert a piece of felt between the two fabric pieces before stitching shut.

Cut 4 strips of velvet to go across the interior for holding the jewelry in place. Each strip should be a half inch wide and about 9" long. Lay the strips in place and pin them. The first strip will go across the width of the pouch, about an inch from the top. The next strip will go two inches below that. The third strip should be about two thirds of the way down from the top and the fourth strip will be about two inches from the bottom edge. After these are all pinned in place you can sew them all at once.

Start at the top edge and sew downwards, an inch and a half from the side edge. Go across the first and second strips, continue through the center of the pouch, then sew across the other two strips. Stop and back-tack at the bottom edge. Start at the top again, about two inches from the last stitch set, and sew down across the strips, to the bottom edge and back-tack. Continue this pattern until all the strips are stitched down.

To store the jewelry slide each piece between the backing and two of the strips. Clasp. With the placement of the strips you can store various sizes of necklaces and bracelets simply by choosing which two strips are the proper distance apart for each piece.

Cut one more strip a half inch wide by 12" long. Find the center of the strip and tack it to the center of one side of the pouch. This will serve to tie the bag shut. Instead of using the strip of cloth you can use satin ribbon.

To store rings as well cut one more additional strip and place it on the outside edge of the pouch. This should be at the opposite end of the ribbon tie. Instead of sewing the strip onto the cloth use tiny strips of velcro to the pouch and the coordinating spot on the strip. Now simply lift the strip, place the rings and velcro them into place. Roll the entire pouch up, wrap the ribbon around and tie.

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