How To Make A Scarf Valance

When it's time for a change in window treatments consider making sheers with a beautiful draping scarf valance.

Tired of the heavy look of pleated drapes and cords on your windows? Make a change to something soft, elegant and breezy. Sheer curtains with a beautiful scarf valance are a welcoming look to most any room in the house. The look is also one of the easiest to create when it comes to window dressing.

Necessary hardware for the window treatment includes rods for the sheers and valance hangers. The valance hangers are designed in different ways but the best one for this project looks like a large "U" where bunched fabric can be inserted. The rods are hung first with the valance hangers going to the outside of the rods and a mere half inch above the rods.

The measurement for the sheers should go from the rod to the hem, allowing an extra eight inches for rod pocket and hem. The width should be double the width of the window - triple or quadruple if you want a very full, scrunched look. If you're covering two sets of windows with one window dressing stick with two or four sheer panels. Two, three or four panels can be used for a single window where you won't be using tie-backs. The valance measurement should be from the floor, up the side of the window, across the top and down the other side to the floor. Add four and a half inches for the hem and eight more inches to allow it room enough to drape. The width measurement should be the measurement of the height of the window, excluding wood frame. Obviously a narrow window won't require as much draping as an extremely wide window so make adjustments for window width. A way to test for how much the fabric will drape is to take a length of fabric, place it in the valance holders, allowing it to drape down and cut off excess from the ends.

Hem each panel on both sides by folding over a half inch then an inch and stitching. Across the bottom fold under a half inch then once again, four inches. Stitch. Across the top fold over a half inch then three inches and stitch. Stitch the sides of the valance as well as the top and bottom hems by folding a half inch then a half inch again.

For variety try making the valance a different color than the panels. Or choose a solid color for the sheers and two lighter colors for the valance. For instance, make burgundy sheers with the valance consisting of one burgundy, one pink and one white piece. The sheers can also alternate colors like blue, white, blue, white. Then make one blue and one white valance.

Sheer fabric and lace are perfect for this window decorating project but as long as the fabric is very light and breezy it should work perfectly fine. Fabrics that aren't sheer require less width but a few extra inches for draping.

Tie-backs can be made for holding the curtains open but since the valance is hanging freely the look is sloppy. To tidy it up place a small hook behind the two side panels to catch the tie backs.

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