How To Make A Scrapbook Family Tree

Here's a unique idea for creating a family tree arrangement in a scrapbook. It's fun and very easy to do.

Running out of ideas for displaying scrapbook photos? After years of doing scrapbooks it becomes pretty challenging to think of delightfully different ideas. Here's a unique way to do a family tree that's fun and easy. Actually there are a few different ways to do the family tree. One is to use a print-out of a tree. Go online and select a picture of a big full tree with lots of foliage and print it. Or cut a picture of a large tree from a magazine. Purchase small metallic charms to house each picture then hang them around the tree. You can also use foam apples, pears or peaches as the frames on the tree.

Glue the picture to the scrapbook paper. Start by placing Grandmas and Grandpas pictures at the top of the tree. Now put a picture of Mom beneath her parents and a picture of Dad beneath his. Align pictures of aunts and uncles along with Mom and Dad. Continue adding the pictures beneath one another as the generations progress.

Another tree method is to simply use stickers of tree limbs and branches. Align the pictures along the branches according to generations. Cork trees used for craft projects are flat and work well. Place the charms to where they dangle from the cork tree. Tie little satin ribbon bows over the top of each portrait.

You can also use several trees to display the photos. Choose three or four different trees to place on one page or scatter them over a couple of pages. One tree can hold the pictures of grandparents along with great aunts and uncles. A second tree will hold pictures of parents along with their brothers and sisters. Yet another tree can hold pictures of your and your children.

The tree can be made of flat silk floral pieces as well. Choose individual silk pieces to make the trunk and limbs then attach the foliage and flowers or fruits. Each piece should lay as flat as possible. You can also draw the tree on and use tags to label each person's picture.

The tree doesn't necessarily have to display family photos. A tree for a child's scrapbook can hold the photos of teachers along the top of the tree and fellow students down below. Or the tree can hold pictures of camp counselors and fellow campers.

The family trees aren't just for people. If you raise animals or have lots of pets you can do something similar with pet photos. Align the pictures of the mother and father dog at the top of the tree with pictures of the first litter next. Subsequent litters can be displayed further down on the tree.

Other tree ideas are rub-on appliques, wallpaper patterns or a fabric cut-out. Other frame ideas include cut-outs from paper or using markers to draw around the photo. Make borders for the pages by printing out pictures of leaves and aligning them around the edges. You can also use sticker leaves or leaf rub-ons for borders.

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