Make Sculptures

Sculpture originated from antiquity till the 20th century where only a few changes were made in doing it.

Doing sculpture relies on the type of material that is used to do it. It could either be made of stone,wood,metal or clay. It consists of 3 different methods.

The first method is called carving. It is where an artist tries to carve out a certain material until a general shape is formed. There are many materials involved to do it. The first part of carving in the rocks is where a skilled artist tries to cut out the edges of the material using sharper and tougher tools until a certain physical shape is formed. The sculptor follows next wherein he really tries to cut and shapen the material until the planned shape that it's supposed to look like is reached. On the first part he uses chisels. On the later part till completion,he uses tools which gives lesser thrusting force like bow drills.Fine rasps completes the shaping. To give it the shine,the rock is rubbed with sand or applied with oil to have smoother texture.

Another method of doing other forms of sculpture is through modeling.It involves the use of soft and easier to mold materials.An example is by using clay. Softer materials being used helps the artist do the work easier since it is completely flexible and completion is done faster. The clay is just molded to the desired form and it is baked to give it a better quality.

The last way is called casting. It gives the sculpture the lasting durability. Bronze can be used to do it. The first step is to mold a clay into a certain shape. A negative mold is then shaped from the clay model and a liquid casting material is poured into it. The resulting replica that formed after the negative mold was hardened is the positive cast.This constitutes the final piece of artwork.

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