Make A Shutter Plant Stand

Don't throw away used shutters. Use them to make a plant stand that will be a real conversation piece for your guests.

Landfills are full of trash, but they're also crammed packed with lots of items that could have been recycled into something new and beautiful. Such waste! When home renovations are done, it never occurs to most people that half of what they're throwing out could be reused. Old shutters don't have to be carted off to the dump or burned in the wood pile. Use them instead to make a plant stand that's a real conversation piece. If you don't have any old shutters, they can be purchased at a department store or home renovations shop. Remove all hardware from shutters and do minor sanding if necessary. Primer and paint to make them look new, or use them battered and worn for more of an antique look to the stand. The shutters don't have to be in fantastic condition, but shouldn't be split or broken. Missing chunks are okay, if they're not around the top edge. Any size set of four shutters will work to make the plant stand. You can set the stand on a wooden base or forfeit the base and let the planter stand alone.

Screw or nail four shutters together in a square. Use a cutting board for a base, or something else that's lying around. The base can be just a piece of old wood. After nailing the shutters together, decide what you will use for a top. A cutting board or an old cabinet door makes a nice base, as well as a decent top. The great thing about using a cutting board is that you can glue it on the top, then paint it, cover it with vinyl, linoleum or tile, or draw and write on it with permanent markers. Use wood glue to attach the top to the shutters so nails or screws won't show through from the top of the plant stand. Use any size top on the stand, but large tops will require a large base to keep the plant stand from knocking over easily. With a small top, the stand will stay upright if bumped.

Even short shutters make a nice plant stand for on top of a book stand, end table or to use behind the kitchen sink. For plants that are grouped together, these plant stands allow one or two to stand up a little higher than the others. Make a row of stands for the plants in the back, a row of shorter stands for the plants in the middle, then set the remaining plants on the floor.

Other ideas for a top for the plant stand are a thick piece of cardboard, a piece of glass, a marble slab, the front cover from an old book, an old table top or a piece of plywood. Decorations ideas for the top include paint, small tile, stickers, felt, foam rubber, or material. And when you're finished building the stand, you can decorate it by gluing a brass monogram or a ceramic lady bug in the middle of each shutter.

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