How To Make A Tea Bag Wedding Favor

Making your own tea bag wedding favors is easy and allows for greater personalization than buying them.

Tea bag favors are popular for weddings and other special occasions.Although they can be purchased from a variety of sources, they are easy enough to make on your own.The best reason to make your own favors is that you can personalize them with any information you want, in any style that you want.All you need to make your own tea bag favors is tea bag, paper, glue, and decorations such as ribbons, stickers, bows, jewels, or shells.

Buy yourself a box of tea bags, whatever brand or flavor you prefer.Personally, I used a generic, store-brand tea bag.To dress up the tea bag itself just a little, I placed a heart-shaped sticker on the paper tag attached to the string, and trimmed away the excess paper.The sticker also hid the grocery store's logo on the tag.

Once you have your tea bags chosen, you can begin to make the wrappers. You'll want to start by making yourself a template, either using pencil and paper or computer software.My wrapper is a rectangle with four flaps.The main body of the wrapper was 2.25 inches by 2.75 inches.On three of the sides, the two long sides and one short side, I made a flap that stuck out 1.5 inches.On the remaining short side, the flap was 2 inches.The side with the 2-inch flap is the top.

After you have completed drawing your template, cut it out, rounding off the corners on the top and bottom flaps.Place the tea bag in the center and fold over the side flaps and tape them in place.(Don't worry about how the tape looks.Remember, this is just practice to make sure your tea bag will fit.There is nothing worse that doing a whole project only to find out that it won't work!) After taping the side flaps, fold up the bottom flap. Tape it in place.Repeat this step with the remaining 2-inch flap.

Now take a look at the wrapper.Does your tea bag fit inside satisfactorily? Do the flaps overlap enough for gluing?If not, take a look at which side is not sitting the way you want, and lengthen the flap on your next template.Once you have dimensions that work, draw out the final version of your template and make a few copies.Remember to put one copy aside for future copying.

Now the fun part: decorating.You have so many options, from paper to adornments.For my tea bag wrappers, I used laser-jet printer paper.It's a slightly heavier weight paper than regular copy paper, but it's not so thick as to make for difficult folding.I like the way white paper looks the best, however, patterned or colored papers would also look lovely.When picking a paper, keep the following things in mind.You want to pick a paper that matches the colors and style of your wedding.Make sure that the paper you pick is heavy enough to stand up to glue and decorations.

When decorating, the best place to start is deciding what sort of text to your tea bag wrapper.Text can either be hand written with a marker or typed up on a computer and glued on.If you are going to be gluing typed words onto your wrapper, keep in mind the papers you are using.If your wrapper is a colored paper, make sure your text is printed on matching paper.Or use an alternating color of paper or scrapbooking edges to make a border around your words.This will help dress up the seams.

The most common text on a wedding favor is the couple's names, often paired with the wedding date.I find the best place for the names and date is on the top flap.Underneath this text, on the seam, is a good place for a bow or other adornment, such as a bead, flower, or seashell.Use your imagination!

Don't forget to decorate the backside of the wrapper!This is a great place to write a "ňúthank you" to your guests, a cute tea-related phrase, or add a photo of the happy couple.Anything can be glued onto your tea bag wrapper.The options are endless!Think about the feeling you want to convey with the favor and try to capture it.

A good tip for decorating your wrapper though is "less is more."After doing several versions of my tea bag wrapper, I found I liked the simplicity of just the name and date on the front with a bow and a photo on the back.Remember, the more you add to the wrapper, the more chances of a decoration falling off if not properly glued.

Once you have your wrapper looking the way you want, fold it around your tea bag in the same way you did with the template.However, for the final project, you'll want to glue the flaps down instead of using tape.The glue gives it a more finished look and if done properly, holds much better than tape.

Don't get discouraged if after folding your wrapper around a tea bag, you no longer like the way it looks.Did you buy the first wedding dress you tried on?Probably not!Designing your own favors is also going to take a few tries.Keep at it, invest the help of some friends, and have fun!Eventually, you'll arrive at a design that you fall in love with.

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