How to Make a Telephone Conference Call

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    Telephone conference calling, or audio teleconference (ATC), is something you can use to hold meetings with people anywhere in the world. Give seminars, host training, and participate in meetings using telephone conference calling. Learn how to connect your callers to a conference bridge to allow multiple people to participate in a conversation over the phone. Learn how to designate a PIN code for your callers to access your teleconference. Quickly connect remote workers and freelancers to your business conferences.
    • Step 1

      Find an online provider for your conference calls. Ensure that the provider offers a toll-free number (otherwise your callers will be charged long-distance fees). Your other option is a free call conferencing provider, but the callers will be charged a fee for long distance.
    • Step 2

      Schedule your telephone conference call. Make sure everyone can meet the schedule you have in mind.

    • Step 3

      Invite your callers to your conference via email. Make a list of names and email addresses. Send out your email invitation to each name on your list.
    • Step 4

      Provide the phone number and a PIN to access the telephone conference. Remind callers of the time zone you're in, particularly if the callers will be somewhere outside of your state or country. Remind callers outside of the country to use your country's calling code before they dial the toll-free number.
    • Step 5

      Wait for the specified time allowed for everyone to call. If you have a relatively small group of people calling, check attendance for each name on your list before beginning the conference. Instruct your callers to turn off their speaker phone, and use the mute button when not speaking (this will help reduce noise disturbances).
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