How To Make A Tent Canopy

You can make a tent canopy just like ones you've seen in the movies. They're beautiful and surprisingly easy to make.

Tent canopies, made to hang from the ceiling and surround a bed, are elegant and easy to make. First you'll need a hook - the type made to hang from a ceiling and hold at least 50 pounds. The hook should be placed above the exact middle of the bed.

Lightweight fabrics are best for this project. You'll be working with large pieces of cloth so it might be a good idea to use an assistant or two to help manipulate the fabric.

Tent canopies can be made to where they almost touch the bed on each side or they can be made to give enough space for standing up beside the bed, still inside the canopy. Decide which you prefer and measure accordingly.

Measure from the ceiling hook to the floor at the foot of the bed and from the hook to the floor on the side of the bed. Now measure the width of the bed and double it. Take the measurement for the length of the bed and double it as well. Cut two pieces with the doubled width and hook to floor measurements. Then cut two pieces with double the length and hook to floor measurements. Some cloth will have to be pieced to complete these measurements. Cut one of the length pieces up the middle stopping just before getting to the top. Hem each side of the split.

Sew one width piece to one length piece. Attach the last width piece then the last length piece. This will give you a gigantic long piece of fabric. Hem the fabric on the bottom by turning under a half inch then turning under again two inches. Stitch the entire length in this manner. Now sew the two ends together.

There are a few different ways to fix the top of the canopy. One way is to mark the ends and center of each piece. Use binding tape across the top, gathering as you go along. When you come to each mark use a six inch piece of binding tape that has been folded in half to form a loop and place one on each mark. The loops allow you to hang the curtain easily from the ceiling hook. Instead of binding tape elastic can be used and it will gather the fabric as you pull and stitch it into the top edge. Use the binding tape loops for this method as well.

Another way to do the top edge of the canopy is to first hem then attach metal rings. The rings can be stitched into place by hand or use binding tape to sew them in. Begin with the binding tape and sew it for a few inches then lay down a ring. Sew up to the ring, lift foot up and into the loop, stitch an inch or so then lift foot back over the edge of the ring. Continue this pattern until one ring is sewn into every six inches or so. Hang the canopy by the rings.

One more way to hang the canopy is to hem and then gather the entire top edge with hands. Wrap a cord tightly around and tie into place. Use four rings, like key rings, that will allow you to open and snap onto the cord. Now use these to hang the canopy.

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