How To Make A Time Capsule

Use these instructions on how to make a time capsule. Time capsules are a fun way to celebrate the New Year and preserve a record of a particular time in history that can be opened at a later date in the future.

Time capsules are a fun way to celebrate the New Year and preserve a record of a particular time in history that can be opened at a later date in the future.

The first time capsules were found in temples in Egypt and Babylon. Those ancient time capsules were filed with small statues and scrolls as was their custom. Some modern day religious temples still practice this tradition of placing items of significance in the corner stone of the building.

You can make your own time-capsule as a fun New Year activity for your family or as a party favor for guests.


There are many different items that can be used as the housing for your time-capsule. As long as the capsule is made out of a non-biodegradable material like plastic, metal or heavy duty rubbers. You can purchase small square banks that have a combination lock at office supply stores or use kitchen food storage containers with a lid.

If the time capsule is for children you can make it out of large plastic Easter eggs and use silicone caulking to seal the two sides together after it is filled. Kids would also enjoy making a capsule out of the plastic boxes watches come packaged in.


When deciding what to put in your time capsule think of interesting topics that were of significance in the past year. You could include headlines clipped from a newspaper or magazine. Remember to think of both local and world events as well. Include items of social and scientific interest as well as objects of everyday life like photographs of your car, postage stamp or grocery store receipt so you can compare the price of gas or milk.

Backup your computer and add the CD to your time-capsule. If you store your recipes on the computer you may want to print out your favorites and include those as well.

Children would enjoy cutting pictures out of a magazine showing the hottest toy of that year or the latest fashion trend. Just as we look back at the popularity of Cabbage Patch Kids, Tickle Me Elmo, Beanie Babies, Pokeman or Scooters, these are items that are sure to be left behind in a few years and will be fun to remember when the capsule is opened.

Include ticket stubs from a special trip sporting event or theatrical play. Add the oldest coin you can find and a current coin from this year. This is a good time to add the latest State quarter that is available. Make a recording of your favorite singing group or pictures of your friends.

All ages would enjoy writing a letter to the future and tell the people what life is like for you now. Be sure and include your favorite family traditions, your worries and your joys too!


The family will enjoy making a treasure map of where the time-capsule is buried so you can remember where to find it again. Hide the map in the back of a picture frame holding a family photograph.

Let the family decide when you want to open the time-capsule and look forward to sharing the memories of how much your family has grown and how the world has changed.

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