Make Unusual Novelty Gel Candles

How to make unusual novelty gel candles. If you have a friend with a great sense of humor try one of these gag ideas for their next gift.

Finding the perfect gift for someone can be challenging if the person seemingly has everything or if the person is difficult to please. Some people are easy to buy for but it's hard to find just the right surprise. If you're looking for a really cool gift for a friend you can make novelty gel candles that'll be a real kick in the pants - so long as the friend has a great sense of humor.

Things that are just normally frightening to most people like snakes, spiders or bugs make great gag candles. Curl the rubber snake up at the bottom of the glass and pour the gel. Place the spiders or bugs inside the gel and then glue smaller versions on the outside of the candle glass.

Want to give Grandma and Grandpa something to make them grin? How about a set of dentures sunken into a gel candle? For a younger friend how about some "Billy Bob" teeth in the gel instead?

Do you know a friend that collects nautical items? Sink a small ceramic toilet into a gel candle and surround it with various colors of plastic fish. Use some plastic seaweed and plants around the toilet. Throw in a tiny old boot. You can make it even cuter by attaching a small fishing hook to the rim of the commode or the boot.

You might have a friend who isn't exactly fond of animals. Make a gel candle that's full of small plastic or ceramic cats and dogs. Have a friend that's quite nosey and knows it? Get a rubber nose to sink into the gel. Cut doll hair to glue inside the nostrils and let it hang a little too long.

Gross things like a fake amputated finger or ear have been great gags for years. You can add to the look by painting the fingernail black and the amputated end red. Or put a plastic worm in the ear before pouring the gel.

For a friend who has less than a green thumb try pouring gel wax over a group of dead flowers. Pick a bunch of flowers and after they've turned brown and withered place them in the gel candle.

Most of us know at least one person whose life is hectic with too many children, pets and chores. Craft stores have all sorts of tiny plastic people and animals. Purchase a small plastic woman, preferably one that looks disheveled or is wearing a bathrobe. Glue a tiny baby on each arm and one at her feet. Glue a small kitten on one shoulder and another on her head or back. A "Home Sweet Home" sign is the perfect topper.

You can make gel candles out of just about anything. Think of unique things about your friend like something they hate or something that they do frequently and build on that theme. One rule of thumb is to consider whether or not the friend will think the gag is funny. There's nothing worse than the look on someone's face when they just don't "get it". Also, don't go too far. If someone has recently died, for instance, don't even think of making anything funeral related. Keep the ideas fun and use ideas that will be easy for the recipient to grasp.

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