Make-Up Tips And Advice: The Best Colors And Looks For A Blonde

Great makeup tips and color choices for blondes. Choosing the right makeup for your coloring.

The first rule of applying makeup whether blonde or brunette is finding the right foundation for you. The foundation you choose should be based on your skin tone, not your hair color. Many women use foundation or bronzers on the face to create a tanned look. I cannot stress enough not to do this if it leaves an unnatural line or edge along the jaw line or hairline. A good rule when choosing the proper foundation would be to test it along your jaw line first and not the hand. Your hand is generally darker than your face, so testing on the back of the hand or wrist will not give you an accurate match. If you want a more tan or bronzed look, use earth or lighter brown shades of eye shadow and blush. You can create a natural tan look with minimum makeup this way and still get the tan look you desire.

Blondes tend to look better in shades of pink and the more earthy tones. That does not exclude them from other more vibrant colors. Some blue and lighter purple tones can add more a dramatic affect when desired. When choosing makeup, pick from the same base family of colors.Strive to have your makeup's colors compliment each other and they will do a better job of complimenting your natural beauty.

A good day color scheme for blondes would be a pale pink eye shadow with a light rose blush and matching rose lipstick. For eye definition, brown mascara could be applied. If you are a tawnier blonde or have reddish highlights and a darker skin tone, earthy colors can work well for you. Try a soft ash or brown or beige color on the eyes with light coral on the cheeks and lips. Look for clean colors that compliment rather than change your coloring. Sheer lip colors with just a hint of shine can one of the best day looks for lips.

For a more dramatic or evening look try applying a pale silver or light gray over the entire lid then a muted lavender color up to the crease and blend slightly. Line the outside of the lower lid with smoky gray or rich mahogany eyeliner and apply dark brown mascara.A rose blush with a hint of earth colors such as a primrose, adds color to the cheeks. Finish the look with a light mocha lipstick topped with a sheer pink lip-gloss.Choose a lip liner that is just slightly darker than the color of your lipstick. Too light and you might as well not use any. If the liner is too dark it just looks garish.

Remember, there are no set rules with makeup colors as everyone has different skin tone and hair colors. Play with those blue colors you thought you would never have the courage to wear. The purpose of makeup is to show off your natural beauty and sometimes just to add your own personal splash of personality in the form of color. Have fun and experiment with color.

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