Make Up Tips: Natural Look With Make-Up

Make up tips and suggestions of how to achieve the natural look with minimal effort yet to maximum effect. Discusses colourings and application.

One of the first and most crucial choices to make when first considering wearing the natural look is to choose your foundation, concealer and blush colour. For ethnic skins these should be yellow in tone. For African - American it is advisable to use light, medium and dark tones so that you can match the different gradiations of skin colour. The correct colour of foundation will disappear when applied onto your face.

Blush colour should match the colour of your cheeks after exercise. When selecting colours (particularly foundation) this should be done in daylight to give you the truest picture.

Contrast your make up, e.g. have strong eyes or strong lips, not both.

Always blend your make up in well to avoid streaks. Make sure you cleanse your face well before applying any makeup, this ensures an even look all over. Keep brushes clean by washing them in warm water and soap. It is worth investing in a selection of good quality brushes as this will save you time and effort in the long run. Do not use any make up that you have had for over 2 years - it is a false economy and will be hard if not impossible to achieve a natural look.

To take the natural look into the evening - simply intensify the colours. This can be done by using darker or brighter colours, e,g using charcoal eye shadow instead of brown. Try adding shimmer to your lipstick for a more made up look.

The amount of make up you choose to wear is an individual choice, to achieve the natural look it is the colours that are important not necesarily the amount.

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