Make Valentine's Day Last All Year

This article discusses ways to make Valentine's Day last all year long.

A day filled with red roses, candy hearts and divine little pieces of chocolate. A day that creates a warm glow that fills your heart and reflects in your lover s eyes. If only you could have Valentine s Day all year long. Well, you can and here s how.

Dry the bouquet of flowers that you receive. Hang them upside down to keep their shape in a dark dry environment (such as a closet) and make sure they are cured thoroughly. Build a special shelf to keep them on or scatter them around your house with the card(s) placed in front of the vase. You will have your own personal lover s museum to show off to guests.

Save everything from the special day (cards, wrapping paper, plastic wrap that many bouquets come in, movie stubs, dinner napkins etc.) and create a Valentine s Day Only scrapbook. Every year take a picture and paste it in a collage with your souvenirs. Make it a tradition to add this page at the end of every Valentine s Day celebration and you can look through it whenever you need a romantic pick-me-up .

Give a gift that continues giving all year. This could be love coupons, a special homemade box filled with a love thought for each day of the year , or a calendar made with pictures that mean the most to you and your loved one.

Save for your Valentine s Day all year long. Every night, add your spare change to a special Valentine s Day Fund container and it will keep you anticipating the moment you get to count it all out and plan that special day.

Give a practical gift along with the romantic one. This could be anything from a tool, household appliance to a sweater or jacket. Every time you or your spouse uses this item, it will remind them of that special Valentine s Day night and keep them smiling all year long.

Make a separate Gift Wish Box for both of you. Whenever you or your spouse thinks of something you can write it down on a small piece of paper, fold it up and put it in the box. This can be used for other occasions then just Valentine s Day. It can be a multi-purpose box that the other one can choose something from for a birthday, anniversary or just because . This ensures presents that you both want, but keeps the surprise there to what you will actually be receiving.

You can also make a special Romance Wish List box. Include things such as a long passionate kiss or a romantic hot oil backrub . Add to it through out the year and then on Valentine s Day you can take turns reaching in for your romantic instructions . Make it a fun game to see if you can empty the box before the end of the night. Then re-fill it over the course of the following year.

With a little imagination you can create a Valentine s Day environment for your everyday life. Romance doesn t have to be contingent on a special date. You can have cupid be a permanent guest in your household all year long.

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