How To Make A Webpage For Your Wedding

How to create a web page for your wedding. Includes comparisons of doing it yourself compared to using a commercial vendor.

Once you have set the date for your wedding, you will want to get the word out to everyone who is attending.This is especially true if you are anticipating a number of out-of-town guests at your wedding, or are planning a destination wedding, in which everyone in attendance will be traveling.The easiest way to keep everyone up to date is to set up a web page where you can post all the wedding-related information.The web page is a great way to give your guests the information they need without being inundated with phone calls and emails during the days and weeks leading up to the wedding.Here are a few tips on setting up a web page that is both informative and fun.

There are two ways to get a web page set up.The first is to use a commercial vendor, which will give a pre-designed website for free or for a nominal charge.Usually, wedding-related websites will allow you to set up a free web page in exchange for registering at their website.In contrast, expect to pay $10-200 for a professionally designed web page from a private source.These sites are best suited for people who have little web experience; are not comfortable with the idea of putting together a web page; are short on time; or want a more professional look for their web page.For both types of sites, you will be asked a series of questions and given options for the types of information you would like on the site.The other alternative is to set one up yourself.Check with your email provider to determine whether you can launch a website through your email service, and how much space is provided by the provider.Don't feel like you need to be a programmer to set up a web page, since there are several web page wizards that can take you through the process step by step.The two primary advantages of designing your own website are greater stylistic freedom, and reduced costs, especially since the cost of maintaining a web page is often included in the cost of your email service.

For either type of website, you need to decide what information needs to be included.Although every couple's needs will be different, there are a few basic pieces of information that should be included on every website.These include information about the wedding ceremony and reception site; directions to the ceremony and reception; links to your wedding registries; information about the rehearsal dinner and/or day-after brunch; travel information for out-of-town guests (blocks of hotel rooms, discount air fare, etc.); contact phone numbers and address; and important dates (deadline for RSVP, etc.).Additional items that make life easier for your guests includes a list of the members of the wedding party; a list of good restaurants and activities near the hotel for out-of-town guests; and dates of wedding-related events (bridal showers, bachelor and bachelorette parties, etc.).Most wedding pages also include photos of the bridal couple, as well as pictures of the members of the wedding party and immediate family, as well as stories of how the couple met and how the proposal was pulled off.Also include information about the location and dates of the honeymoon, since your guests may want to buy you gifts for this trip.In the end, the wedding web page is whatever you make of it, so feel free to be creative!

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