How to Make Wedding Themed Return Address Labels

By Pam Gaulin

  • Overview

    Save some money while creating personalized wedding themed return address labels for all correspondence related to the big day. When you work with a pre-made template you take the guessing out of how to line up the addresses on the page so they print correctly. Adding a small graphic can add pizazz to your address label. Use colored ink to make the label even more personalized and appealing. After you're married, update the labels as appropriate with a name change or address change, and you will have labels to use on all post-wedding correspondence as well.
    How to Make Wedding Themed Return Address Labels
    • Step 1

      Purchase adhesive label paper. Choose one with pre-cut labels that is set with two or three columns for regular size address labels. If you use Microsoft Word, you can find the address template in the "Document types." Use this template to create labels that will not print outside the labels you bought. If you use a drawing program or other software to make labels, you can download a free address label template to help size out your labels on the page (see Resources).
    • Step 2

      Choose a free wedding graphic or clip art to include on your label. Simple images include two gold or silver rings, a dove, two intertwined hands, a heart or a wedding cake. Place the image on the left side of the label, to the left of the return address. Or right-justify and place it to the right of the address. Use paper, scissors and glue to design the label by hand, before you use the software, if that is easier for you.

    • Step 3

      Type in the name of the bride and the groom and the address where all the wedding correspondence should go. Include the first name and the maiden name of the bride, as well as the first and last names of the groom. When you use both names, it makes it easier for the recipients to know who is getting married. More formal return labels include titles such as Miss or Ms. and Mr. before the names of the bride and groom.
    • Step 4

      Arrange the graphic and text in one label box. Spell check the names and addresses. Select the text (Control + A in Windows, Command + A on a Mac) to highlight the text. Change the font to something fancy or whimsical, depending on your style. Or choose a font that reflects the wedding's theme. When you are happy with the overall design of that one label, print out that label on regular, non-adhesive paper. Make any corrections or modifications to the label design.
    • Step 5

      Copy the finalized label once you've made your changes (if any) by pressing Control + C in Windows (Command + C on a Mac) and pasting (Control + V in Windows, Command + V on a Mac) it into the other label boxes. Print out the sheets of labels. Peel the labels off the sheets as you need them.
    • Skill: Easy
    • Ingredients:
    • Wedding clip art
    • Printer
    • Adhesive label paper
    • Color ink
    • Tip: When the bride changes her name, make separate post-wedding labels for thank you cards.
    • Tip: For unique labels, hand-draw a small graphic, scan it into your computer and use that for the labels.
    • Tip: Script fonts make address labels look fancy.
    • Warning:
    • Do not print all of the labels at once without printing a test page first. You might risk printing misaligned labels and wasting your label paper.

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