How to Make Wire Wrapped Bracelets

Wire wrapped jewelry is an easy way to create your own fashion statement. The perfect project for beginning wire jewelry makers is a wire wrap bracelet. It can be made as simple or as intricate as you desire. So, grab a few tools and get started on your own unique jewelry creations.

List of Items Needed

  • 14-gauge sterling silver dead soft wire
  • Long round needle nose pliers
  • Beads and spacers (need holes that fit 14-gauge wire)
  • Wire cutters
  • Silver clasp
  • Sterling silver 5mm jump rings
  1. Make your first link by holding the end of a piece of 14-gauge wire with your needle nose pliers. The very first loop will also be part of the clasp of your wire wrap bracelet, so make a slightly larger loop than you will make for the others. Make sure that you have at least 1/4 inch of extra wire at the end of the loop to use for wrapping. Wrap the wire around the pliers at the desired thickness.

  2. Wrap the extra wire around the long portion of wire to create a "hang-man's noose." Add any beads, spacers or ornaments you like, making the link as long or as short as you like. When you are ready to finish, make a slightly smaller loop, leaving enough room between the final bead and the base of the loop to wrap wire and create another hang-man's noose. Wrap the end portion and snip the wire with wire cutters.

  3. Begin the next link in the same fashion, matching the loop size to the smallest loop of the first link. Before wrapping the first "hang-man's noose," slip the wire through the smaller loop of the first link.

  4. Continue creating links until you have reached the bracelet's length. Before completing the final "hang-man's noose," slip the loop of the clasp into the final loop. Wrap some wire around the end portion of the final link, snip the wire and your bracelet is complete.

Tips and Warnings

  • As an alternative to connecting your bracelet's links as you make your wire wrap bracelet, you can create a number of completed links and connect them with jump rings.

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