How To Make A Wood Bench Or Setee' For Your Back Yard Or Flower Garden

Improve the appearance of your back yard or flower garden by adding benches that you build yourself. You can sit comfortably while you entertain friends and family or just want to enjoy some quiet time and relax outdoors.

Improving the appearance of your back yard or flower garden takes careful planning and can be very enjoyable and inexpensive. One of the attractive additions to your yard can be a nicely built wood bench or setee'. Your friends, family, and neighbors will wonder where they, too, can obtain one. By following these simple instructions you will be able to display and use your very own wood bench that you have proudly constructed yourself.

First of all, to begin this and any other job which involves cutting with saws and using power tools, make sure to take all precautionary measures to ensure your safety. Always make it good practice to wear protective eye wear. The tools needed to perform this job are very minimal as is actual physical exertion. All you will need are a few two by sixes, some one by fours, a couple of two by fours, some galvanized screws, a mitre saw, a cordless drill, and a small sander. You are ready to begin.

First of all, take your one by fours and cut ten pieces eighteen inches long and set them aside. You will put them to use later. Now grab your two by sixes and cut out pieces twenty-two inches long. This piece, as you will see once assembled, will serve as the arm rest of the bench. Now take and cut two more pieces, twenty-six inches long. These two pieces will serve as the legs for the bench. These two pieces will be connected with your arm rest. One can cut these pieces the length he or she desires. This is a personal preference. You can adjust everything accordingly.

In addition, you will need supports on both sides of your bench. For this, you will cut two pieces of your two by six nineteen inches long, or if it makes you feel more comfortable, you can wait until you have adjoined your armrest pieces with your leg pieces for a more accurate measurement of your side supports. You can make this bench with all straight cuts, but for a neater and more distinctive look, take your mitre saw and cut a forty-five degree angle on both sides of your armrest piece, then cut a forty-five degree angle on one side of both of your leg pieces.

Make sure to sand all your angle cuts down to a clean fine finish. For extra adhesive strength, apply some good quality wood glue at the angle cuts. Adjoin your three pieces at forty-five degree angle cuts. It doesn't hurt to clamp your pieces together. Once glue is dried or almost dry, go ahead and take your cordless drill and screw a couple of screws through to secure and stabilize the three pieces together.

After achieving exact measurement of your supports, take and place one of your pieces eight inches from the bottom of the legs and the other eight inches from the bottom of the armrest. To make the other side of the bench, just simply repeat this same procedure. You should have successfully completed assembling your "side panels" for your bench.

Now you can bring out the one by fours that you have already cut and place five on each of your two bench ends. Simply flush your one by fours on the sides of both bench ends, and then flush from the bottom of support to the top of the armrest. Just space evenly and accordingly to whatever length you chose to go with. Screw down your one by fours to your frame and now you have your frame with trim. If You want to be a little more decorative, you can cut a little design on top of your one by fours' trims by measuring a quarter-inch in from outside edge of board on both left and right sides, and then a quarter-inch down on outside edges of board--both left and right sides. Now draw line to meet marks on both sides. Cut this line.

Finally, all you have to do is cut three more two by sixes the length you prefer. Stand your bench ends with trim facing out then just set your boards on the top support spaced out and screw them down. Make sure to sand the bench, the trim, and everything else thoroughly. Give it a nice paint or stain. Enjoy your new bench!

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