How To Make Writing Thank You Notes Easy!

How to make writing thank you notes easy! Now you can combine your pictures and your who gave what to whom list all in one. Never keep another list and never miss getting a picture of everyone in attendance.

Problem: Who....gave whom.....when?

Symptoms: "that's mine" "no it's not, it's mine" "no Grandma gave it to me at Christmas" "no, Mom & Dad gave it to me on my birthday". (sound familiar?)

Have you ever had a birthday party for one of your children? You spend a couple of hours taking pictures and then when you get the pictures back, you discover that even though you tried very hard to get a picture of each child, somehow you missed someone. (And it's always that mother that asks if she could have a copy of any pictures with her child in them!).

On top of that, you lost the list that you wrote telling you who gave what. Thank you notes will be a mess and when you ask your child to help, they don't have a clue where each gift came from.

At your next birthday party, you can fix both these situations! When it's time to open gifts and take pictures, sit all the kids on the floor next to your child. One by one, hand the gifts to your child to open. As each gift is opened, whichever child had brought that gift raises their hand, everyone smiles and you take a picture. This way, you have a permanent record of who came to the party and exactly what gift they brought.

There are, of course, occasions that a child doesn't bring a gift for whatever reason. Try to have a few small gifts on hand that this child can use as their gift so no one gets left out.

Be sure to include yourself, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles... or any other family or friends in attendance. It doesn't just have to be for the kids. This works for ANY gift giving event, not just birthdays. Whether it's Christmas, baby or bridal showers, weddings... whatever. It's a great way to have a record of who was there and what they brought.

It's also a great way to say thank you. Get double prints of all the pictures and include a copy with each person's thank you note.

When you look back at your child's pictures, hopefully you will feel like you really got your money's worth out of your pictures and your time. The kids' will enjoy looking at the pictures later in life as they remember each child and gift.

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