Makeshift Desk Organization Helpers

If your desk is often a terrible mess don't rush out and purchase desk organizers - use things from around the house.

Everything's in order, your house is immaculate. Then there's that messy desk. It's a fact that desks tend to become cluttered. If your own desk is an unorganized mess it's time to put things in order. Grab a few things from around the house and get started. One thing you might have that could help organize your desk is a napkin holder. Don't toss the napkins out on the table and swipe the holder, though. If you have an extra one it's ideal for holding CD Roms, envelopes or outgoing mail.

A small clay pot or even a cereal bowl can hold your change, paperclips, and other small items. Better is the type of plastic ware container that has several sections to keep everything separated. They can be stacked with their lids to hold dozens of small items. There are lots of things you can use from the kitchen: a simple glass for holding pens and pencils, a small baking dish for holding mail or even a coffee can for odds and ends that find their way to your desk.

Plastic drawers are available in many shapes and sizes and they're perfect for holding bills, invoices, notebooks, catalogs, and more. The drawers can be stacked and placed just under the desk or on top of it. Or forget the drawers and make cubby holes out of cardboard boxes. Remove the flaps from small boxes and tack them. Glue them together if desired. They can stand upwards or be aligned in a row. They're ideal for tucking paperwork quickly out of the way and for holding mailing envelopes.

Set a small breadbox on your desk and you'll have a super organizer. Place a cd rack in the bottom of the breadbox for holding disks or cards and other small papers. Use the top of the bread box for holding incoming or outgoing mail. Cd racks are a big help for keeping paperwork separated. Since they come in so many sizes you can choose the right one for the amount of space you have.

Another way to get all you can from your desk is to build a small platform for your computer monitor. Use a piece of plywood and build three sides around it leaving one side open. The side pieces should be about 4" tall. Set your monitor on top and slide a tray underneath for holding all sorts of desk stuff. Pull the tray out when you need something and slide it back under when you're finished. You can also use the tray to hold your keyboard out of the way.

Wicker baskets no longer used around the house are a great addition to your desk top. Don't choose really deep ones where things can fall to the bottom and disappear. Choose shallow ones of any shape.

Use a long piece of fabric and glue a shorter piece, of the same length onto it. Separate the shorter pieces with stitches or glue to make pockets. Tack or glue the pockets to the side of your desk for holding scissors, pens, aspirin, tape and other office valuables.

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