Makeup And Clothes Tips For When Clubbing

Fashion tips for makeup and clothings for going out clubbing.

Whether you are going out to the local club for a night out with the girls or going out to make a few new friends your appearance should be a number one priority.Clubs are a place where you go to be seen and in a situation where everyone is dressed to impress your first impression will be a lasting one.You always want to be sure that you make your entrance in a style that suite you best.

Many clubs are loud and dimly light.While this works in your favor if you are one that does not like to strike up casual conversation it doesn't help if you are used to impressing people with you conversational skills.When you don't have the option of reeling admires in with your sparkling wit you have to rely on your natural good looks.

The first thing you want to think about is your make up.This may not seem hard to some but to those of us who don't wear make up daily this can present a problem.It is hard to know what colors suit your complexion or how to properly apply the stuff.If you don't know how to apply make up or how to pick the right tones don't panic.Try to give yourself time to go to your local department store.

At most department stores make up counters there are plenty of available sales ladies who are willing and able to help you get started.If you can't do that go with your gut feeling.Look through your make up collection or visit a drug store if you want to experiment.Choose colors that you are comfortable with.Soft tones that are close to your natural coloring are usually the best.

If you notice bright reds or blues that you feel will compliment your outfit or that you think are pretty stay away from them!While these colors can be very flattering when properly applied a lot of us either under do things to the point where we might as well not have bothered or over do things to the point where we resemble a circus clown.Stay to neutrals or soft colors, bronze or browns, maybe even tans.If you have a very milky complexion light pinks are also a good choice for eye make up and blush.

When it comes to the lipstick you can liven things up a little bit.Darker reds and mauves are good choices or even light pinks if you have a softer complexion.You want to draw attention to and accentuate your mouth without drowning it with colors.

Once your make up is taken care of it is time to tackle the clothing.When you start looking at outfits remember that your first impression is a lasting one.If you are noticed do you want it to be because of an ultra revealing outfit or because of your fashion sense?

As you go through your closet remember that fashionable doesn't always mean flattering.Something that looks great on the model at the mall might not look so nice on you.Choose an outfit that complements your figure. Something that will show off your natural curves drawing attention to the features you like and concealing those that make you uncomfortable.

Most importantly remember what you are going to be doing at the club when you choose your outfit.If you are someone who enjoys dancing a lot choose comfortable slacks or a skirt that is not to tight.Do you enjoy spending time at the bar drinking?Then an outfit that is more constricting is okay.

The most important thing to remember when getting your makeup and clothing ready is to be happy with your self.While dressing to impress people in the club is important dressing to impress your self is the most important thing of all.

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