Makeup Palletes For Brunettes

This article explains how brunettes should choose makeup palletes for their specific color of brown hair and eyes with tips to try them for free.

There is an endless amount of advice out there for what makeup colors look good on what type of people. From hair color, to eye color, to skin tone, the tips and hints are simple in theory. Except that they are forgetting one thing, your skin tone doesn't always match your eye color or hair color and vice versus. As an example, let's say that a woman's skin tone requires a certain palette, yet her eye color is said to recede with six out of ten of those colors. Then you factor in her hair color from another set of beauty standards and you're just not left with a lot to choose from.

The worst part about this 'one fits all' advice is that it doesn't consider the different specks of color that can be in your eyes or highlights in your hair. I am sure that if you spent enough time researching or got a professional analysis from a makeup artist, you could find your "˜perfect palette' but for the rest of us it's simply trial and error. (Which I think is personally more fun anyway!) We will be talking about some general hints to help you brunettes get started on your personal palette quest as well as some tips to find and try your colors for free.

What do you think of when you think of brown and all its variations? There are the sultry dark chocolate tones, the fun golden tones and the rebellious highlights of red. There are women who have the striking green eyes, goddess blue eyes or doe-like brown eyes. Choosing a palette that is right for you depends on all of your facial assets as well as the hair that frames them.

We will first consider what look you are going for and what feature you want to stand out the most. The one beauty tip that I found out to be true is to only highlight one feature for most occasions. If you want to show off your bedroom eyes then wear a sheer lip gloss (your lips will still look sensuous when someone's gaze travels downward). If you want to highlight your full lips then do something simpler around your eyes (maybe just a lighter smudged line to make sure they notice the deeper soul held within when they can't help but stare after being drawn in by your beautiful smile.) Below is a list for eye shadows and lip colors that, according to general consensus, look best on brunette women with the following shades of brown hair and eye colors:

1.) Chocolate brunettes (those that have those yummy dark shades with nothing but brown undertones and highlights) with:

A.)Blue eyes: Look for rich colors such as plum, deep emerald green, dark brown and any other shade that screams "˜luxurious' to you. Avoid using blue eye shadows as this would overpower your eyes but feel free to use a deep blue eye liner (especially over deeper brown shadow) to frame those baby blues.

B.)Green eyes: Buy colors such as a bright purple, deep ruby red, amber brown or any other shade that reminds you of jewels. Avoid using green all together except for a rich turquoise color, which works well to bring out any blue specks in your eyes.

C.)Brown eyes: Include colors such as a rich burgundy, dark violet, or a dark hunter green (especially if you have green specks you want to bring out.) It helps to think of velvety colors when shopping.

2.) Reddish browns (the fiery brunette sisters out there with everything from a touch of rust to all out cherry):

A.)Blue eyes: Think of "˜fun-loving' here. Choose colors such as lily purple, cotton candy pink, or a candy apple red. Again, avoid blue except for a little smudge to outline your choice of color.

B.)Green eyes: Choose sizzling colors such as a bright purple, silky brown or dark cherry red. I would stay away from green except for maybe a deep emerald liner to make the shadow color crackle.

C.)Brown eyes: Pick out sultry colors such as a velvety burgundy, dark violet, or a deep purple. Outline your eyes in the blackest of black all the time (just vary the width of the line depending on how dramatic you want it) and you have "˜come hither' ready eyes.

3.) Golden browns (from the smallest touch of smooth honey to the streaks of champagne highlights):

A.)Blue eyes: Playful is the key with colors such as the lightest pinks to open up your eyes, to the deepest browns (as long as they have a golden undertone.) Once again, do your best to avoid the blue shadows but play with a few of the liners.

B.)Green eyes: Think 'felines' here and all the colors they represent. Choose colors with a red undertone to make your eyes stand out as well as contrast with your golden highlights. Avoid heavy green colors, you can try and experiment with those in the turquoise to bright emerald tones.

C.)Brown eyes: Think soft here. Deep rust colors, velvety plum or a soft green do wonders to bring out any specks of a different color in your eyes as well as define the layers of brown (you might be surprised at the little touches of different shades that can appear just by applying different colors).

Now that you have an idea about what colors you may want (and it is find to choose ones that sound nice that are included in a different hair/eye color list. Remember there is rarely such a thing as just brown or just blue or just green eyes. Almost all of have little specks of a different color), its time to find a way to try them all. You can do so quite easily. Here are four ideas to try them for nothing at all, (or at least make sure that you are not left with an eye shadow that you can't even give away to your punk-rock kid sister.)

1.) Independent Makeup Sellers/Consultants: If you look under "˜services' in your local newspaper or just ask around, you can find women right in your own neighborhood that sell makeup for various companies. They usually have samples that they can bring with them for you to try on and also are armed with a handbook full of beauty tips for you.

2.) Makeup Counters At Local Department Stores: The employees here are also usually trained on the art of applying makeup and what colors would look best on whom. I would avoid the samples lying around in the open for the general public to use though as people do not always use the disposable brushes in the jar next to them (and I really don't want to go into hand washing statistics in this article). Go to a store where they have the samples behind the counter where the clerk watches the people use them (and usually give tips on how to put them on.)

3.) There are some stores now that offer a return on makeup if it is a color that doesn't work for you. These are few and far between but it doesn't hurt to ask about a store's policy if the ravishing red makes you look like you need big shoes and a ball nose to match it.

4.) Have a girl's night in! Do you have a bunch of makeup lying around that you'll never wear but can't bear to throw away because you spent too much money on it? I bet a lot of your friends do too. Buy a pack of sterilizing wipes (they can be found in the first aid section of many stores) to make sure no bacteria is spread. Everyone can finally clean out their beauty bags and go home with new products that will work for them!

Finding the right makeup palette, to match your personal brunette goddess personality, can be challenging but there is no reason for it to not be fun. Think of it as a treasure hunt, which ends with you feeling like gold.

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