Makeup That Won't Smudge When Sweating Or Dancing

How to keep your makeup from smudging when you plan to get sweaty.

Makeup has one major flaw: When you are sweating, it just doesn't stay in place. So what are you to do the next time you are out dancing the night away and your makeup decides to run down your face and onto your blouse? Well, by then it is too late, but there are some great preventative measures you can take to keep your makeup in place when your face is going to be sweaty.

The most important part of having smudge proof makeup is to give it a good foundation. Before applying any makeup, wash your face thoroughly, pat dry and apply a light weight moisturizer. Let the moisturizer sink in, then apply your foundation. Put the foundation on your eyelids and lips as well as the rest of your face. This will help cement eyeshadow and lipstick or gloss to your face. If your lips are dry, put on chap stick before the foundation so that it will glide on smoothly.

Your cheeks will look best if you use a liquid blush instead of a powder because a liquid will stain your cheeks, literally, so it is not moving until you wash it off at the end of the night.

The same goes for brow pencils or powders. Instead use a clear or lightly tinted brow gel which will adhere to the hairs in the brow, not the skin. Your brows don't sweat, so the color will stay in place.

You may not have realized it, but sweat will affect the look of your eye makeup as well. Liquid eyeliners are also the way to go as opposed to the wax pencil like variety. You can also wet your finger, rub it in your favorite eyeshadow and apply it to your lid. The moister will make the shadow adhere to your eye better. Also, make sure that your mascara is waterproof to put the finishing touch on your no-smudge eye look.Now concentrate on making smudge proof lips. No need to go out and buy long-lasting lipstick. Line your lips with lip liner. Fill in the lines with liner over the foundation. Apply your lipstick and blot, if desired. Cover all of this with a clear gloss and your lips will look fabulous for hours. If your color dulls, simply apply a little more gloss over your lips to brighten the color. No need to re-due the above steps.

Next, apply the rest of your makeup as usual. Dust your entire face, except your lips, with facial powder to set the colors and to lessen the effects of moister.

The last step is to put another coat of mascara to lessen the look of the powder that may have settled on them.

And last, but not least, make sure to blot your face with a tissue if it does sweat. Don't rub! All of your hard work will end up on a soggy tissue!

Now you are ready to dance the night away without any worry of losing that beautifully done face.

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