Making Baths Fun With Washcloths

Making bathtime fun for your child with washcloths, whether they are using them as puppets or wiping drawings off their bodies.

Not all children like to use washcloths in the bathtub, some like sponges or loofas. Here are some fun ways to get your child to have fun with washcloths in the bathtub.

If you have a young child you may try singing nursery rhymes like:

"It's raining,it's pouring,

The old man is snoring.

He went to bed and

Bumped his head

And couldn't get up in the morning."

While you are singing you can scoop water up in the washcloth and sprinkle it over your child's head. Quickly rub in shampoo. Your child will feel like a part of the song and you can quickly wash his/her hair. If this song doesn't work there is always, "The Itsty Bitsy Spider." You can use that song to wash the shampoo out, just remember to have them looking up as you wash the spider out or you may end up with soap in their eyes.

For the toddlers or younger children, they now have washcloths that have little heads attached. They have teddy bears, monkeys, ducks, kittens, puppies, etc. These are more like puppet washcloths but they are sure to get a giggle or two out of your little one. Place the critter on your finger and tell them that little ducky sees some dirt on them and wants to clean it off. Ask them if they can, maybe they'll even take the duck themselves and do it. Either way this will make it fun and the child will love their washcloth buddy. You can get these online or at stores near you.

You may also want to make your own magical washcloth. You can tell them that if they get it wet and rub it on them they will get magic soap on them. Your child may want to spend hours in the tub with the magical soap. But before they leave the water remind them that they must take the magic soap off.

Magical Washcloth

You'll need:

1 washcloth

1 rubber band

1 bar of soap

Take your bar of soap and place it in the middle of the washcloth. Fold the washcloth to the top of the soap. Use your rubber band to close it off and dunk it in the water. Have fun.

If your child is slightly older they now have the finger paints for the bathtub. No, these aren't really paints; they are soap with dye in them. Be careful choosing which ones though, some have been known to stain children, you may want to look around at reviews of the product before purchasing any. Some of these paints include little tubes the kids can draw on the bathtub with or themselves. Let them draw squiggly lines or faces on their arms and legs and then wash them off. Children love to see their own artwork and it gets them to use their washcloth to clean it up.

Other products you may want to add in the bath that would be good with washcloths are the foam soaps. These are in cans and have character heads, (kind of like the playdohs always did) when the child presses the head down, out squirts the foam through little holes in the top of the head or through the mouth. The kids have a blast with these and if you scrape the foam off with your hand and place it on your child's face you can tell them to pretend to shave by wiping their face with the washcloth. Kids love imitating their parents and this normally gets a lot of laughs.

Either way you do it, make sure your child is having fun in the bathtub and using his/her washcloth. The more fun they have with their washcloth means the cleaner they are getting.

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