Making Conference Calls on the Avaya 4610Sw IP Phone

By Jasmine Haryana

  • Overview

    Due to Avaya's intuitive technology, making conference calls with its Voice Over Internet Protocol Phones (VoIP) is a fairly straightforward and user-friendly process. For those who own the 4610Sw IP phone model from Avaya, following a few simple instructions can take the guesswork out of making conference calls.
    • Step 1

      Dial the first person you would like to connect to on your conference call. Include any country codes and area codes, dialing as you usually would. When the caller answers, ask him to stand by as you begin initiating the conference call.
    • Step 2

      Press the Conference button, which is located below the Transfer button and above the Drop button on the right-hand side of the telephone keypad area. This will initiate Soft Hold for this line.

    • Step 3

      Wait for visual and auditory confirmation that the call has been placed on hold. Notice when the display shows a grey background with white text and look for the Soft Hold icon to appear, resembling an upside-down telephone receiver. Listen for a dial tone. These signs indicate that the first caller has been placed on Soft (temporary) Hold, awaiting your conference call.
    • Step 4

      Dial the second person you would like to join the conference call. When they answer, let them know you are adding them to the call. Press the Conference button again to join the parties together.
    • Step 5

      Repeat the process of adding people to the conference call by pressing the Conference button, dialing the next party, and then pressing the Conference button again. Do this each time you want to join a party to the call. When you have done this for the last time, pressing of the Conference button will join you and your final party to the conference call waiting on Soft Hold.
    • Skill: Moderate
    • Ingredients:
    • Avaya 4610Sw IP telephone
    • Internet connection
    • Tip: The number of parties that has been set by the System Administrator as the maximum allowed on your system determines how many people you can host on a conference call.
    • Tip: If you need to add a call holding on a different line, simply press the Conference button until you see the Soft Hold icon. Press the Line/Feature button which coordinates with the line in question, located on one side of the display, and simply push the Conference button again to join the holding line to the call.
    • Tip: To drop the last person who joined the call, simply push the Drop button, located below the Conference button on the telephone keypad.
    • Warning:
    • Be careful not to accidentally hit the Drop button during a conference call as you will disconnect a party from the phone call.
    • Make sure that all parties are notified when you are adding or dropping participants.

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