Making Crochet Rugs From Plastic Grocery Bags

Got an armfull of plastic grocery bags, don't toss them,make a durable crochet rug.

If you have a good supply of plastic grocery bags, you can make a beautiful and durable rug. Great for an outdoor "welcome" mat or in front of the kitchen sink! What a great way to recycle and be creative at the same time.

Supplies needed are:

plastic grocery bags

twine (plastic or waterproof)


scotch tape

1) Gather up all your bags and sort by color. You can use any size bag, as they are just twisted and taped to the next one to form a long rope. This rug will be a crocheted round or oval rug and you use the bags as a coil held together by the twine. Intermixing the colors will make a nice design.

2) Take the first bag, holding both handles together, smooth the bag, twisting as you go to collapse the bag. You may have trapped air in bag, so you should take your scissors and puncture the bottom. Holding the handles in one hand and the bottom of the bag in the other, lay flat on work surface. Continue with the other bags in the same fashion and use scotch tape to join them. Lay the handle part of one bag on top of bottom of other bag and wrap scotch tape around where this is joined.

Continue to do this until you have a long string of bags.

You will use this string of bags as a base to form your rug with the twine holding them together. Don't worry, the scotch tape won't show: it will just blend in with the plastic bags.

3) Take your twine and make a slip-knot and attach to the string of bags about an inch from the end. Begin to crochet around that inch of bag adding more of the string to form a coil. Make sure that as you are increasing the size of your rug that you are allowing enough stitches so that your rug lays flat and doesn't turn into a basket. Flatten and stretch your rug as you go and trim any plactic that protrudes.

4) Continue in this fashion until you get the size of rug that you want. When you are finished, tuck the loose

end into the rug so that it doesn't show.

Now you have created something beautiful that you can actually use, and it costs you next to nothing.

You can wash your rug in the washing machine (don't dry in

clothes dryer) or just hose it off. It's durable and practical. You can even use it in the shower or a non-slip mat for your tub.

Tip: Use the lightest and most flexible twine that you can find to make it kinder to your hands and fingers. Bread bags and unused trash bags work well for this project too! You can make tiny ones to use as coasters.

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