Making A Floral Ice Ring

How to make a floral ice ring and suggestions on using this ring for table decor.

This ice ring can either be used in a punch bowl to chill your punch, or as a centerpiece to a fruit salad platter. With either use, this is a very decorative, beautiful and useful ice ring.

The first thing you will need to get is some edible fresh flowers such as; violets, pansies, rose petals, nasturtiums, calendula, chive flowers and some fresh mint or other fresh leaves.

You will also need a jell-o mold, or if you would like, a bundt pan works well also

A platter deep enough to hold your fruit selections and water as your ice ring melts. This will only be needed to make the fruit platter.

Clean your flowers carefully under running water, making sure you remove any dirt or insects from each petal and leaf.

Now put a layer of flowers and leaves in the bottom of your mold. The layer should be about 1 inch deep. While you need to be sure to put the flowers face down, arranging is not necessary, since they will float when you add the water.

Next add 1 ½ inches of water to your mold and place in the freezer for an hour or so, until solidly frozen. When frozen remove from freezer and add another 1 inch layer of flowers and leaves. Add more water, just to cover the layer and refreeze. Repeat this step until your mold is full or the ring is as deep as you would like it to be.

When you are ready to unmold your ring, fill your sink or a bowl with hot water and dip the bottom of your mold in the hot water for approximately 10 seconds. Shake this to see if your ring has loosened up. If so, invert your mold onto the platter that you have chosen to make your fruit ring. If your mold does not appear to have loosened enough to be removed, dampen a dish towel in hot water and place this over the inverted mold on the platter. Shake this gently to remove the ice ring from the mold..

Working as quickly as possible add your fruits to the platter. Several idea's for fruits to be used are; melon balls, fresh berries, apple, peach or pear slices. This also looks attractive to add more flowers and leaves as a garnish. This should be served immediately, but can be refrigerated for a brief period of time.

If making punch, just make your punch slightly ahead of time, and unmold your ring carefully into the punch bowl. Using the same steps as mentioned above. You can also float a few more leaves and flowers directly into your punch.

This floral ice ring will make any fruit platter or punch more attractive. And will also add table decorations right along with your food.

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