Making Halloween Holiday Ornaments With The Kids

Four fun and easy DIY Halloween ornaments and decorations for your kids to make.

Halloween is one of the fastest growing holidays when looked at from a market perspective. What was once a one day a year celebration is now a whole season. Making Halloween holiday ornaments with your kids is a great way to spread the fun.

Handprint Spider

- Black craft foam or construction paper

- Pencil

- Child safe scissors

- A single ½ inch round head fastener

- 2 inch -3 inch black pompom

- Two ¼ inch wiggly eyes

- Craft glue

- 10 inch piece of elastic cord

This is literally a hands-on activity to get your kids involved in making their very own Halloween decoration. Have your child trace their hands, one at a time, onto black craft foam or construction paper. Tell them they should have their fingers splayed out slightly, as their fingers will soon be spider legs! They should then cut out each shape with safety scissors. If they are really young, go ahead and help them with these two steps.

Place bottom parts of hands slightly overlapping to form both sides of spider's legs. With round head fastener, push through both thicknesses and secure.

Glue pompom directly over the round head fastener to make spider's head. Glue on wiggly eyes. Tie elastic cord into a loop and glue to back side of head. Hang and wait for your spider's first victim to be spooked!

Kiss Ghosts

- Bag of chocolate kiss shaped candies

- Pack of 1/8" wiggle eyes (There is usually 144 eyes to a pack)

- Glue stick

- Spool of narrow elastic cord for hanging (Cut each cord approximately six inches long)

Glue 2 kiss shaped candies bottom together to form body of ghost. Glue eyes onto one candy. Tie elastic cord into a loop and glue to back side of candy that you glued the eyes. Hang these anywhere you need a bit of decoration. If you have a small tree, these would be a perfect decoration.

Halloween Garland

This garland is fun for the littlest kids to do and can be made in nearly any length needed. Just cut the yarn longer and add more beads and candies!

- 36" length of 4-ply yarn

- yarn needle

- Assorted Halloween shaped beads or plastic pony beads in orange and black

- Assortment of candy that can be strung ( I used a variety of individual sized and wrapped candies)

Thread yarn needle, slide on one bed and tie a knot around bead to secure the end of you garland. In no particular order, allow kids to string beads and candy packs. When finished, hang as decoration or tie ends together to where as a funky Halloween necklace. After the decorations are no longer needed, allow the kids, big and small, to rip off candies and eat. Beads may be worn for fun or saved to be recycled again next Halloween!

Black Cat Pot Hugger

- Half sheet black craft foam

- Scrap piece each yellow and white craft foam

- Pencil

- White paint marker

- Two inch terra cotta plant pot (These can sometimes be found by regular planters, otherwise check the craft department of your favorite store)

- Scissors

- Craft glue

- Small candies to fill

Draw or trace a cat's head that is approximately three inches high by three inches wide. Cut out, set aside. Draw four cat legs with paws long enough to wrap around from the backside of the pot, to the front. Cut out. From the remaining black foam, cut whiskers, eyes, and a muzzle shape. From white foam, cut eye shapes slightly smaller than those cut from the black. With yellow, cut small circles for pupils.

Glue muzzle shape and whiskers to face shape. Glue black eyes in place, with white and yellow pupils layered on top. Glue the backside of the lower section of the head to the inside of the pot. Glue legs wrapping around to the front. It should look as if the cat is hugging the small pot. Fill with candies. Have a screechingly scary Halloween!

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