Making A Haunted House: Theme And Room Ideas

Halloween is simply not Halloween without a great haunted house. Use these ideas to create a fun but scary haunted house.

Halloween is a great holiday. When else are you allowed to dress up as anything you like - whether it is scary, sexy, or funny - and not have people try to institutionalize you? From carving pumpkins to bobbing for apples, Halloween is filled with fun traditions, not the least of which is the haunted house. If you want to have a great time and impress your friends next Halloween, design a great haunted house with these theme and room ideas.

In order to have a successful haunted house, you must set the right mood. The haunted house should appear both scary and fun. If your guests are not relaxed and ready to be frightened by very silly things, they will not be impressed by your haunted house no matter how great it is. While people are waiting to enter the haunted house, play good Halloween music, tells jokes, and do whatever it takes to set the right mood.

The best haunted houses have several rooms. This way, each room is a different experience, and people never know what is coming next. If you only have one large room to work with, simply partition it into smaller sections with curtains, sheets, or whatever else is handy.

Fill the rooms with lots of scary props. The more crowded the rooms are, the better the effect will be. Each room can be a different theme; for example, one room might mimic a cemetery, one room might resemble an old, cobweb and rat infested attic, one room might have lots of ghosts trying to grab the guests, and so on. Just make sure that there is always something new for guests to see.

Haunted houses must have the proper lighting; most costumes and props look cheesy in regular lighting, but the right lighting can create a perfectly frightening atmosphere. Strobe lights disorientate people and make it difficult to see clearly; this is great in a haunted house, because people are more likely to be caught by surprise by things jumping out at them. However, strobe lights can also be extremely annoying and somewhat nauseating, so limited their use to one or two rooms. Other rooms should be dimly lit; black lights and red tinted lights provide a nice, creepy effect. Some rooms or hallways should be without any light source. Everyone still has that little child who is afraid dark inside of them.

The easiest way to scare people is to surprise them. There are many ways to surprise people in haunted houses. One classic and fail-proof method is to have someone sit or stand very still in a dark corner. The goal is to make the person either unnoticeable or appear fake. Then, when people least expect it, the hidden person jumps out at them, possibly carrying a fake knife, skull, or other creepy prop.

Another great way to scare people is to gross them out. Haunted houses with gross out themes are most effective when they are hands-on. Create something that feels really gross, along the lines of cold spaghetti or peeled grapes, say that it is something that is even grosser, such as intestines or eyeballs, and have your guests stick their hands in it. Try to be original with your gross out ideas; if your guests are not able to identify the items they are touching, the experience will be scarier.

Halloween is a great time to be creative and experiment with new ideas. Have fun with your haunted house. If you are not sure that an idea will work, you can try it out on a friend before Halloween or just go ahead and put it in the haunted house and see what happens.

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