Making An Impression With Decorative Door Levers

Making an impression with decorative door levers is possible in part due to the wide array of finishes and details.

First impressions are considered by many to be the most important. Small touches found in a room often impart a large portion of that first encounter visitors have with your home. From the opening door and hardware, your guests are already making conclusions on your style. Thankfully, door levers are now available in numerous styles and finishes to accent any style you are setting out to achieve.

Before choosing any levers or other door hardware, make sure that any choices you make are backed with solid construction. A door lever that is pleasing to the eye will not do justice to anyone's style a few months down the road when it is broke or jammed. Quality should be a major consideration when deciding on your final purchases. Most door levers are sold with one of two functions in mind, passage, or privacy. If you will be dependant on the door lever to provide a security or privacy measure to a room, make sure that you purchase an assembly that comes complete for both sides of the door including latch, faceplate, and strikeplate. There are also distinct differences between privacy levers sold for interior doors and outside doors. Locking mechanisms will vary as will the possibility of different finishes and base materials. The base material of levers is typically wrought iron or solid brass.

Deciding to use door levers in place of knobs is an excellent way to highlight many decorating styles. It seems to promote a touch of elegance above a traditional knob. Finishes are varied along with detailing, and can provide a wide range of choices.

Sampling of Finishes and Details

- Stainless steel

- Satin steel

- Rust

- Flat black

- Copper

- Verde

- Polished brass

- Antique brass

- Pewter

- Polished chrome

- Oil rubbed bronze

Detailing on the levers is as varied as the finishes. With accents such as jewels, scallops, porcelain, wood, marble, and rosettes, you should be able to find a lever to match almost any d├ęcor scheme. If you are having a hard time defining such, consider starting with the small details, such as door levers, and let the details define your style.

Left or Right

When installing a typical doorknob, no thought needs to be given to direction. While some door levers will work for a left or right entry, others, due to detailing, may be installed in only one direction. Make sure to check the positioning of the levers on your doors to ensure the purchase of the correct direction.


Manufacturers of door levers are as varied as the finishes. Some manufacturers that you will encounter include:

- Baldwin

- Schlage

- Acorn

- Emtek

- Pegasus

- Kwikset

- Gainsborough

- Adams Rite

- Falcon

- S. Parker Hardware

- Bouvet

With more people entering the home improvement market, manufacturers have stepped up in trying to provide choices to fit every budget and style. With such a wide range of manufacturers, you are sure to find the right levers to fit your style.

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