Making Mexican Fiesta Party Decorations With Tissue Paper

Learn how to turn your party into a mexican fiesta with these colorful homemade party decorations.

What better way to celebrate any occasion, but to have a Mexican theme. Most of us love Mexican food, margaritas and lots of color! Here are some easy Mexican party decorations to add that extra "SALSA" to your next party.

Making a Piñata

A Mexican party is not complete without the unique charm of a piñata stuffed with candy and treats.


14-inch balloon

Newspaper cut into 1 by 6 inch strips

Flour and water

Craft glue

Colored tissue paper

Strong white paper


Cloth tape

Lots of candy and treats for filling

Strong cord or rope


Utility knife

1. Blow up the balloon and wrap with the cloth tape until round.

2. Make the paste using about 1 cup of flour and 3 cups of water.

3. Dip the strips into the paste and wrap the balloon. Let it dry overnight. You will need to layer the balloon at least 3 times so that it is strong. Set aside.

4. Cut six pieces of the strong white paper into 7-inch squares. Take the colored tissue paper and glue onto the squares. Place the point of the compass at the corner of one of the squares and make a 6-½ inch arc. Trim around the edge of the arc. Cut ½ inch slits around the edge of the arc. Repeat with the other 5. Roll the paper into a cone and tape together. Fold the notches outward and glue onto the piñata. Glue the cones on opposite ends, so that it looks like a star.

5. Cut the other colored tissue paper into 3-inch long ½ inch wide strips. Starting at the bottom, glue one end of the strips to the piñata, so that you have a fringed look. Make three or four different colored rows. Let dry.

6. Cut a flap in the top of the piñata large enough to fill with the candy and treats. Punch one hole on each side of the opening and run a 5-inch long wire through and twist together. Now tie the strong cord to the wire.

7. Fill the piñata with the treats.

Making a Mexican flower


4 sheets of 6 x 12 inch colored tissue paper. (Red, white and green)


1 green pipe cleaner


1. Separate the colors and stack the four tissues. You can use 2 green tissues, one on the bottom and one on the top.

2. Fold the tissues like an accordion into 1-inch folds.

3. Cut the ends of the tissue so that the corners are rounded.

4. Twist a pipe cleaner in the middle of the tissue.

5. Begin pulling apart the layers of the petals beginning at the top layer working down to the second, third and fourth. Be very careful not to tear the tissue.

6. Fluff the flower to your liking.

7. Spray some perfume on the flower for scent.

For sturdier stems, twist two pipe cleaners together.

Mexican flower garland

1. Follow the directions above, but cut the sheets of the tissue paper into smaller squares for smaller flowers.

2. After twisting the piper cleaner in the middle and fluffing the petals, tie the pipe cleaners together. Repeat until you have a garland at a length that pleases you.

3. Dip the ends of the flower in glue and dip into your choice of colored glitter.

The glitter accents leave a beautiful effect under the lights. The more garland you have the more beautiful the effect.

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