Making Sock Puppets

Instructions for making your own cute sock puppets! Easy craft idea for kids.

Sock puppets are cute, fun and easy to make. With a few simple materials and about an hour of time, you can create your very own sock puppet. Make several and treat your friends to a puppet show!

Here's what you will need:

one old, clean sock

permanent markers in your favorite colors

assorted buttons

a few inches of yarn for hair or whiskers

white glue

square of wax paper


a vivid imagination

Here's what to do:

First you will need to put your hand inside the sock to see where the puppet's face will be. Have an adult help you form the sock around your hand so that you can decide where the mouth goes. Next, remove the sock from your hand and put the square of wax paper inside. This will keep the glue and markers from soaking all the way through. Carefully smooth out the sock so that you have a flat surface to work on. Remember where you wanted to draw the face and get ready to use your imagination!

First, decide where you want the nose to go and choose a marker. Draw on the nose with the marker. Don't press down too hard! If you are making a dog or a cat puppet, carefully draw whiskers beside the nose or glue short pieces of black yarn to the sock.

When you have created the perfect nose for your puppet, you are ready to add the mouth. With a marker, carefully trace around the part of the sock that will form the mouth when your hand is inside. Color the puppet's lips. You might even want to draw in a tongue!

Next come the eyes. Put a small amount of white glue on each side of the puppet's face. Place one button on each spot of glue and gently press. It will take awhile for the glue to dry so be patient. The good thing about white glue is that if the eyes fall off, you can safely glue them back on. Or perhaps you can ask an adult to sew the button eyes in place for you.

The hair is the last thing you will add. Choose your favorite color yarn and cut it into short pieces. Attach these pieces to the top of the head with dabs of white glue. If you're making an animal puppet, like a lion or a horse, you can even make the yarn look like a mane! Or if your puppet is going to look like a little girl, you might want to give her long hair that you can tie with a ribbon. Have fun making the hair!

If you like, you can use the markers to design clothing for your puppet. For example, you might draw on a collar or necklace. You could even glue more buttons down the front to make it look like your puppet is wearing a shirt! Use your imagination to make your puppet the most fantastic creation ever seen.

When you have finished decorating your puppet, you will need to let it sit undisturbed until the glue and markers dry. To be safe, you may want to let your puppet dry over night. Once everything is finished, you're ready to put on a show!

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