Making A Topiary

Learn how to make a decorative topiary with a glue gun, flowers, moss and other materials.

Topiaries have been around for literally hundreds of years but are enjoying a comeback of sorts. There are all types of topiaries. Living topiaries are live plants sheared, cut and trimmed throughout their growth into all sorts of different fanciful shapes. Popular living species include rosemary, ivies, boxwood and various species of coniferous trees. Other types include floral foam shapes or wire forms covered and decorated with mosses, dried or silk flowers, grapevine, or just about anything your mind can conjure up. The fun thing about topiaries is that you're only limited by your imagination. Learn how to make your very own topiary for any type of decorating occasion.


Floral foam topiary form (these can be one or two round ball shapes or cone-shaped)

Pot (to place the topiary form into - use any type but make sure the form fits into the pot easily)

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Small package of moss (reindeer moss works best because it retains green color and shape)

Dried or silk flowers (silk will last longer and retain their color longer)

Floral tape

The above items can be found at any floral or craft supply store.


A kitchen table is a good place to work on this craft. First, trim stems off the flowers you chose to decorate your topiary. Trim to the very end of the stem so that the flowers will glue securely. Sometimes you have to remove the round plastic shape right under the silk flower petals so the flower will glue securely.

Stick a few pieces of floral tape on the bottom of your floral form topiary form. Stick the form into the pot. The floral tape will keep your form secure.

Next, decide whether you want to cover your form (the round shape or cone) with moss. You can do that first and then place your flowers over it. Or, if you chose medium-sized roses as your flower, you can glue them close enough together so that you won't see the form underneath. If you choose to apply moss first; make sure it's the type of moss that comes in sheets - not the reindeer moss. The reindeer moss is very thick and bumpy and won't work well to cover the shape evenly.

If you've decided to use the flowers only, begin by placing a dab of hot glue at the middle under-side of a flower. Place it on the bottom end of your topiary shape and then just go around, then work your way up with each flower. Pretty soon the whole shape will be covered, and you'll realize just how easy and beautiful this craft is.

To finish off your topiary, hot glue the reindeer moss at the base of the topiary form to the edges of the pot. Believe it or not, that's all there is to it. Experiment with different types of planting pots, and decorating mediums. Flowers work very well, but so do the following: old buttons, lemon leaves, plain moss, nut shells, artificial fruit, old Christmas decorations, dried beans, fall leaves, artificial greenery and more. Half the fun is thinking up new ways to decorate topiaries!

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