Many Uses Of Peppers

Peppers! Wonderful hot, spicy, food that can be cooked in so many ways and have other surprise uses as well.

Peppers are a wonderful and powerful favorite for much of the country especially in Mexican, Spanish, or even American blended Tex Mex cuisine. There are many different sizes and shapes for peppers, different colors and levels of hotness, ranging of course from the Bell Pepper which is not hot at all, and may not be what the average person thinks of as a pepper to the classic Jalapeno pepper, red or green. Whole contests center around who can eat the most and hottest peppers, with plenty of milk on the side to help neutralize the acid level of the pepper.

On the other hand those who have ever accidentally rubbed their eyes after or while cutting up peppers realize that the emergency poison control number for peppers is also no joke. This article will look at various dishes and thoughts about peppers and include a unique use many are not aware of from the island of Trinidad in the Carribean.

In a survey fashion there are many dishes where peppers are an easy part of a meal ranging from an appetizer to the main course. For an example of a simple appetizer, simple buy nacho chips, or brand name Doritos for an added flavor if you prefer, and cut up cheddar cheese or your favorite cheese, placing it on each chip, then placing cut up rounds of jalapeno peppers on each chip as well. Then microwave for a very short period of time monitoring the melting of the cheese not to overcook. I may only take a minute, but can be an easy dish. One can easily add cut up tomatoes, lettuce, sour cream or what have you for a great Nachos dish similar to a more expensive version in a restaurant. Another great appetizer is poppers, which can be bought of course premade, however cutting open whole jalapeno peppers and placing some cheese in them for melting also provides for a tasty treat.

Peppers as the main course can be something less spicy if one looks at the regular bell pepper and considers having stuffed peppers. An easy recipe, hollowing out bell pepper and stuffing with hamburger and rice, sometimes precooked and placing the stuffed bell peppers into a tomato sauce set at medium temperature. Excellent served with yellow rice. For those with a taste for the spicy, then indeed use spicy sausage rather than hamburger in your stuffed bellpepper. Peppers are also excellent of course in easy to fix chili. Fantastic as a side dish, Greek peppers with cheese, olives, and other vegtables, and dip can be fantastic or in a salad with any range of dressings.

A great recipe for a dip includes cutting up jalepeno peppers, adding dried seeds, boiling it down in basalmic vinegar, adding sugar to taste depending on amount you are making. This produces a brownish sweet pepper sauce. However the peppers are only coated with sugar and the dip can be surprisingly hot for those who are not prepared. There are many uses for peppers and this has just been a quick survey to help spark the mind and creativity as far as dishes.

However, the island natives of Trinidad do have a useful trick for use of peppers and snakes. Basically they do a great deal of outside camping or beachside fires, and to prevent snakes from approaching they throw a jalepeno pepper or a few of them into the fire. Since snakes smell by darting their tongue out to catch scent molecules, their tongue is burned by the hotness of the peppers in the air, and the snakes stay away from the area: indeed a unique use of peppers.

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