Marilyn Monroe Biography

Marilyn Monroe was one of the world's favorite stars. Here is about her life and her death.

Marilyn Monroe was born Norma Jeane Mortenson on June 1, 1926, in the Los Angeles General Hospital in California. Her family bought a motorcycle prior to her birth and headed north for San Francisco. He abandoned his family in LA which caused many identify problems with Marilyn. Her mother, Gladys, entered into several relationships thus confusing her daughter even more. Poverty was a constant companion to their little family.

Gladys was extremely attractive and worked for RKO Studios as a film cutter.

She suffered from mental illness and was in and out of mental institutions for the rest of her life. During Marilyn's childhood she was placed in and out of foster care until she was 16 years of age. At that time she married a 21 year old aircraft plant worker by the name of James Doughtery. They marriage only lasted four years, they divorced in 1946.

By this time she began modeling and bleached her hair blonde. Various shots made their way to the public eye. She signed on to a contract at $125 per week for six months with Fox Studios. Her first film was in 1947 with a little part in "The Shocking Miss Pilgrim."

In 1948 Marilyn stared in the film "Scudda Hoo! Scudda Hay!" This film was a flop. Later that same year she was given a better role as Evie in "Dangerous Years". Twentieth Century Fox declined to renew her contract so she went back to modeling. Columbia Studios then picked her up to play Peggy Martin in the short film " Ladies of the Chorus." This was in 1948. Columbia however dropped her after that film . Once again she returned to modeling. In 1949 she posed nude for the now famous calendar shot which was later to appear in the first issue of Playboy magazine in 1953, which boosted her career.

1950 was a good year for Monroe. She appeared in five films that year, but was noticed for small parts in two of them. In 1951 she got a fairly sizable role in "Love Nest". The public was now getting to know Marilyn, particularly the male audience. She exuded an almost innocence about the aura of sexuality about her. In 1952 she appeared in "Don't Bother To Knock". She didn't fair well with critics in this movie role however. Later that year she appeared in "Monkey Business" and she was seen for the first time as a platinum blonde. This look became her trademark.

In 1953 she began dating baseball great, Joe DiMaggio. On January 14, 1954 she married him and then proceeded to the film "There's No Business Like Show Business". In 1954 she announced her divorce from DiMaggio. They were only married a very short eight months. In 1955 Marilyn was suspended by Fox for not reporting to work. It was her second suspension for not showing up to work for a film production. That year she appeared in "The Seven Year Itch" which showed to be one of the film's most memorable

scenes where Marilyn stands over a subway grating causing her dress to blow up all around her. That was the only film she appeared in that year. In 1956 she played in "Bus Stop" and finally proved to critics she could play in a serious role. She also married brilliant playwright, Arthur Miller. They divorced in 1960 however.

She took a year off in 1958 and returned to the screen for a delightful comedy, "Some Like It Hot". The film was a smash hit! This again would be the only film of the year for Monroe. In 1960 she appeared in the production of "Let's Make Love". During that movie she had an affair with the cast mate Yves Montand. The critics claimed this

picture to be a very slow moving film.

In 1961 Marilyn made what would be her final film. It was "The Misfits". The film proved to be very popular with the critics and the public alike. 1962 came and she was chosen for the film " Something's Got To Give". Again her absences caused major delays and thousands of dollars for film makers. She was fired from the film in June. This appeared to be the end of Monroe's career. She went into seclusion in her L.A. home. On August 5th, 1962, Marilyn's housekeeper found her lying face down in her bed, nude, the victim of an overdose on sedatives.

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