Martingale Betting System Tips

The Martindale betting system is one where you keep doubling your bet until you win.

The Martingale betting system is one of the oldest betting strategies around. It is by no means a sure method of winning. It can be generally stated that the results of using this system will lead to a good chance of small short term wins with a smaller chance of incurring large loses.

Even if you have never heard the name Martindale, chances are you have thought about the basic methodology of the system. How it works is if you loose a bet, you keep doubling your bet until you win. You are trusting in the low probability of sequential losses. For example, if you were playing a game in which you had a 50% chance of winning (like a coin toss) you would have a 0.5 to the "˜x' power of winning or losing "˜x' number of games in a row. So, the chance that you would lose or win 4 coin tosses in a row would be 0.5 to the 4th power. That is, 6.25%.

Sequentially how that would work would be; you bet a dollar and lose. You then double your bet to two dollars and lose. Then you would double your bet to four dollars. If you win, supposing you win twice the amount of your bet, you would get eight dollars. You would have spent four plus two plus one, or seven dollars. Your net profit would then be one dollar.

The danger of this is, if you play long enough, you will invariably suffer a large loss. The example often used is betting odd/even or red/black on American roulette. American roulette has 36 numbers and two zeros. This means that you have a 47.37 chance of winning every spin. Conversely, you have a 52.63% chance of losing. Most casinos do not allow one dollar bets on odd/even and red/black, but if you are lucky enough to find one these are your odds of winning if you have two hundred and fifty five dollars to lose: You would have to lose eight times in a row, or 0.5263 to the eighth power. That is, you would have a 0.6% chance of losing, or six in a thousand. But realize, that you would win one dollar 994 times and lose 255 dollars six times. This would give you a grand total loss of 536 dollars.

You might say, "Gee, my chances of getting certain diseases is less that 0.6%- that sounds like a good risk." The difference is that you only live once. If you were reincarnated and lived thousand lives, the law of probability says that you will get that disease six times.

A standard rule of thumb for the Martindale betting system is if you want to win a dollar you should have a loss cap of two hundred and if you want to win five dollars you should have a loss cap of one thousand dollars.

Using that standard rule of thumb, we can simulate your winnings/losses over an hour and five hours of play using the random number generator on a computer spreadsheet.

American Roulette

Betting one dollar on red/black or odd/even you have an 82% chance of walking away with an average of thirteen dollars, and an 18% chance of losing an average of $92 after one hour. After 5 hours, you have a 38% chance of walking away with $113 and a 62% chance of losing $120. So you can see your chances of winning decrease over time.


One hour and one dollar starting bet

Chance of winning: 62%

Chance of losing: 38%

Average win amount: $55

Average lose amount: $104

This simulation can be done with any game. The games that have the closest to 50/50 odds are craps and blackjack if played correctly. These games would consequently have higher odds of winning. The simulation done for this article suggests approximately 85% chance of winning an average of about fifteen dollars. That is with a 48.5% chance of winning every roll/hand.

As you can see the Martindale system is not for everyone, and shouldn't be for anyone for the long term. Most gambling experts will tell you that no betting system truly works in the long term. And the only games that can produce real results are those where you are pitted against other players and not the house. Those games such as horse racing, poker, and sports betting. However, the downside to that form of betting is that it requires a great deal of expertise and generally there will always be someone out there who knows more than you.

Enjoy the Martindale system and use it cautiously. And never let yourself lose more than you can afford.

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