Who Is Mary Kay Ash?

Find out the interesting story behind the success of Mary Kay Ash, the founder of Mary Kay cosmetics by reading this article.

In the 1930's, a young housewife and mother of three began selling books in order to make extra money for the household. Her husband worked, but yet there was not enough money for the family of five to live on. This woman was successful in her sales effort, and she was able to sell more than twenty-five thousand dollars worth of books within her first six months at the job.

In the year of 1938, this woman found herself divorced. She then changed her career to selling Stanley Home Products by conducting home parties. She sold for Stanley for the next twenty-five years even though it was a most unhappy and unfulfilling occupation. She enjoyed the selling part of her job as well as the meeting and dealing with customers, but she felt that she was underpaid and not promoted as far as the men who worked there. She also claimed that her ideas for changes in the company were ignored and joked at. Finally in 1963, wanting something better, she was able to retire from Stanley Home Products.

Undaunted by her negative experience in business, the same year, this woman began to write a book for women who were part of the working world. This book, she decided, would help other women face the challenges and problems that she had already faced in the ever-changing world of business. While working on the outline of her book, she made two lists. One list was made up of the positive things of the companies she had worked for, while the other list was made up of negatives. When she looked the lists over, she realized that she had the rough plans for the perfect company. This company would allow women to work hard and succeed in their goals.

So, on September 13, 1963, through much labor, Mary Kay Cosmetics was born. With her life savings of only a few thousand dollars, and the help of one of her children, a now-grown son named Richard Rogers, Mary Kay started the long process of making her dreams become a reality for her and the millions of women across America.

(On a personal note, in the mean time, Mary Kay ended up remarrying, but she lost her husband Mel in 1980 after he lost his battle with cancer.

That heartbreaking experience made Mary Kay commit herself to find a cure for cancer. So, years, later, she established the Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation. This foundation helps fund cancer research today.)

Through the hard work, dedication, and the values of one woman, Mary Kay Ash's company boasts an impressive list of having more than a half of a million independent beauty consultants hosting parties, giving demonstrations, and selling the company's cosmetics and perfumes. In 1996, the company's retail sales level hit the two billion dollar mark, and is still growing.

To this day, Mary Kay Ash's dream company flourishes and continues to enjoy success. And, her personal motto, "God first, family second, career third", lives on as an inspiration to all.

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