Matchmaking Sites: Pros And Cons

Types of matchmaking sites and their advantages and disadvantages.

There are many ways to meet prospective partners these days.The newest way is through the internet.Some people meet others in chat rooms, and some do it through matchmaking sites.

There are many different matchmaking sites these days, and all of them are a little bit different.Some ask you to fill out a compatibility report that they use to match you with people you are like.Others ask you to fill out a profile and then allow you to browse other readers' profiles.Still others function like personals ads.What are the advantages and disadvantages to each?

In the first type of site, the report you're asked to fill out can be quite lengthy.It may take 20 to 40 minutes to fill out, and you may be asked questions you're unsure how to answer.Also, in the end, you may or may not be matched.This method works very well for some people, but not at all for others.Some people do not fit easily into categories, which means that the computerized system cannot help them.Others fit into categories and may have their pick of several matches.

The second is a less exact science.Users must go and find each other, rather than simply being matched.The advantages to this include searching at your own pace, filling out your own (less complex) profile, and having a great probability of meeting people.However, you also likely have a lesser chance of being matched, because many people don't take it seriously and don't follow through with meeting the people they select.Also, there is not much you can learn about someone through their brief profile and one small picture.

The third kind assures anonymity until/if the people decide to meet.However, because it is so brief and typically contains no picture, there is a much lower response rate, as is common with newspaper personals.

Are these sites worth it, overall?To many, yes.They put hundreds of thousands of singles from all over the world online, just a mouse click away.Typically, you can browse profiles, see pictures, and figure out if you have anything in common with the person before ever contacting them.Meeting people takes far less time, and you don't have to wait for a "chance" meeting with the potential person of your dreams.

However, people aren't always honest online.The picture may not be theirs; their profile may contain lies.This is not incredibly common; most people are honest.There is always a chance, though, that the person you are talking to is not what she or he seems to be, and that could be a problem.

Another potential problem is that not many people want to pay for these services.Many sites won't let you contact the people you've matched with (or that you like) unless you pay them a fee for the contact info.Some people, who are more seriously into meeting people, may pay for this.Others won't, and may be prevented from contacting the person because of it.

All in all, matchmaking sites are an interesting new development that should be explored, but carefully.If you are in the market for a partner, check them out, but don't put too much stock in them.Even if you do meet someone online, be sure to meet them in person as soon as possible (if you are over 18 and doing so safely).

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