What Materials And Sizes Do Outdoor Flags Come In?

What materials and sizes do outdoor flags come in? Garden flags come in a variety of sizes and prices. There are many different sizes of outdoor flags. They are all made with materials that will withstand...

There are many different sizes of outdoor flags. They are all made with materials that will withstand weathering. Which is the right one for you? Our flag expert, Joe Parish, President of Capitol Flag Company, Inc. in Austin, Texas, says most flags come in standard sizes with durable materials.

"We have flags anywhere between 1 x 2 inches all the way up to 30 x 60 feet- It's quite a range," Parish says.

The cost of buying outdoor flags varies as well from smallest to largest.

"A little woven flag stick that you might put on your clothing or something like that can be 20 cents. A 30 x 60 two-ply polyester all-sewn American flag is $1,900 dollars. If you wanted something custom, custom flags could be a lot more than that," Parish says.

As for the materials flags are made from, look for the following kinds: cotton, nylon, Endura-Poly, and Endura Gloss.

Cotton is one of the most traditional flag fabrics. This durable flag can fit into any budget. It is usually made of two ply, mercerized, long fiber cotton bunting. These types of flags are not recommended for extended outdoor use or wet weather.

Nylon is a big seller. These flags, when made with superior quality, will have a 200-denier nylon bunting treated to resist sun and chemical damage. These flags are extremely durable and dry quickly after it rains. You will want to buy strong durable headers and brass grommets for your flag as well.

Another type of material flags are made from is Endura-Poly, a polyester blend. These are low in cost and have great color retention.

Flags made of Endura Gloss have a silk-like finish. They are considered the highest quality mounted flag.

Most quality flag stores should carry all these different types of materials. If you can't find them, you can always search the internet for more options.

Once you pick your flag of choice don't forget to buy brackets to mount it.

"Your standard or most common is going to be a 45-degree angle stationary wall bracket for either a 3/4-inch diameter or 1-inch diameter flag pole. Nowadays, they have two-way holders, which will hold your flag up at a 45 degree angle, or it will hold it straight out from the wall, which would be parallel to the ground for your garden type flags. Then, there is also an adjustable bracket that's very common; it has numerous positions so you can go straight out parallel with the ground, straight up, or any number of angles

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