Maternity Clothing Alternatives

If you're uncomfortable with the thought of wearing maternity clothes don't worry.

Are you expecting in the future but not looking forward to wearing those uncomfortable-looking maternity clothes? Well just don't wear them. Before maternity clothes came along women wore regular clothing - only larger. The problem with that is that even though you only need the extra cut in certain areas you have to contend with more-than-needed fabric elsewhere. And as the belly swells the fronts of shirts and dresses rise leaving you sometimes feeling exposed. You can still wear street clothes during pregnancy; you just have to make specific choices in fashion.

Look for knit shorts that have a lot of give to them. Stretch pants, stirrup pants, and similar types are comfortable and look nice. As you approach the third trimester it might be difficult to find ones that fit well in the tummy without sagging in the legs. If this is the case take a few inches off on the in-seam from just inside the knee, across the crotch and down to the other knee area. Re-stitch.

Jogging pants are a great choice for maternity pants, especially the ones that have the drawstring waistband. This allows you to adjust the waistline when needed. Jogging pants are comfortable and versatile for day-to-day comfort. For dressier occasions look around for loose-style pants that also have a drawstring. Or make your own. Simply use a jogging pants pattern a size or two bigger and make adjustments where needed. Replace standard jogging pants fabrics with a more elegant choice. Cut the legs shorter for capris and comfy shorts.

Tee shirts are so comfortable it's hard to imagine nine months without wearing them. Select a size or two larger as the pregnancy passes. If you gain weight in places other than the waist try some men's styles for roomier chest and shoulder cuts. To make your own use a tee shirt that fits you well now but is only tight in the waist. Cut a pattern using the tee shirt but fan out towards the bottom while cutting. After cutting around the armhole and then beginning the side seam start cutting at an outward angle to allow more room in only the waist. Cut the front a couple of inches longer as well.

Button-down shirts are great for hanging around the house. Big tee shirts, tank tops or tee shirts with stretch shorts will give you lots of nighttime comfort.

Dress choices should be ones that hang below the knee. Larger sizes that tie in the back are cute and fit well. Baby doll dresses or ones with full skirts are perfect for comfort and style during pregnancy. Bib overalls are worn by many women while working in the garden or going on a picnic. They have buttons on the sides and straps at the top for adjusting.

If you sew you can always cut the front portion out of your favorite pants and replace it with a maternity panel. Putting the piece back in is a little trickier, though, so don't expect them to look like they once did ever again.

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