The Meaning Of Yin And Yang

Yin and Yang are more than negative and positive phases. This article thoroughly explains their meaning and their effect upon your physical makeup and environment.

Yin and yang are the negative and positive phases in the cyclic flow of Chi. These are the root of power, the beginning of everything. Since they constitute the beginning of everything and constitute the basic principles of the entire universe, they are indeed the cause of both life and death. For this reason the Chinese refer to the sky as yang and the earth as yin. Yang is active and yin is restful. Thus, as activity culminates in rest which in turn culminates in activity, yang becomes yin as yin becomes yang. So as you can see these two elements are inseparable since they imply each other.

Yin and yang are aspects of Chi that relate to your physical makeup, occupation, and home. Yang contracts to produce density, gravity, heat, and activity while yin expands to produce diffusion, lightness, cold, and quiescence. The yang personality is active, commanding, concentrated, and fiery while the yin personality is more inclusive, diffuse, gentle, tranquil, and magnetic.

Since the day you were born, your physical makeup has been either yin or yang. To understand which one it is, simply look into the mirror while reading through the description of each type. While you will probably find characteristics of both types reflected within your features, your eyes will help you to understand which type truly predominates. (If your eyes are close or deep set then you are yang, but if they are far apart or tend to bulge then you are yin.)

Imagine that you have a line running down the middle of your face from your forehead to your chin. In the yang type the features of the face are concentrated around this line. The eyes are close together, deep set, and narrow; the eyebrows are slanted toward the bridge of the nose; the nose is small, possibly flat; the cheekbones are strong and pronounced while the lower jaw is large and square; the mouth is rather small and the lips are thin; and the lines in the face appear to be more vertical than horizontal. This type originates under harsh conditions like those that are found in extreme latitudes of the Earth, extreme climates, and very cold, mountainous regions.

In the yin type the facial features diverge from the middle line. There may be a cleft running down the middle of the face which produces two distinct lobes in the forehead, a cleft at the tip of the nose, parted front teeth, and a cleft chin; they eyes are wide, set far apart, and may even protrude; the eyebrows slant away from the center of the face; the nose is long, or large, and it also protrudes; the cheekbones are slight, and the lower jaw is slanted from the chin upwards to the ears; the mouth is large and the lips are full; and the lines in the face appear to be more horizontal than vertical. This type originates under mild conditions such as those which are found in tropical latitudes, temperate climates, and oceanic areas.

If you are constitutionally yin then you will naturally express yourself more through your thoughts. As such, good occupations for yin persons include research, scholarship, teaching, writing, and all other activities that require mental exertion. On the other hand, if you are constitutionally yang then you will naturally express yourself more through your actions. Yang occupations include business, sales, travel, sports, performing arts, engineering, mechanics, the armed services, police, and all other indoor and outdoor activities that require physical exertion.

Whenever you are seeking out your most suitable environment there are two things which you must consider. First, you must decide what is appropriate for your physical makeup. Secondly, you must consider what is most appropriate for your type of occupation. In the case of your physical makeup, you need to choose an environment that complements your whole being. In other words, you must find your true opposite. For instance, if your physical makeup is yang then your space should be generally yin but if your physical makeup is yin then your space should be generally yang.

In the case of your occupation, you need to find an environment that conforms to your occupation. For instance, if your occupation is yang then you should have an area in your space that is yang. This is necessary since it will serve to help stimulate your activity. On the other hand if your occupation is yin then you should have an area that is yin. This will help to bring out your deeper thinking.

These elements can be summarized in 4 principles. First of all, if your physical makeup is yang and your occupation is yang then your space should be predominantly yin with a special yang area included. Secondly, if your physical makeup is yang and your occupation is yin then your space should be predominantly yin. Thirdly, if both your physical makeup and your occupation are yin then your space should be predominantly yang with a special yin area included. Fourth, and finally, if your physical makeup is yin and your occupation is yang then your space should be predominantly yang.

A yang environment has warm, active colors and lighting. As such it is very stimulating and thus it could be located high up or on a street corner. On the other hand, a yin environment has cool, restful colors and lighting. It is calming and can be located low done or in the middle of a street block.

This information should serve as one of your basic outlines when it comes to arranging your home. Of course it is important to understand that each room or area has its own needs. Nevertheless, this information about yin and yang is the basic building block to be used, developed, and modified in designing your home.

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