How Do You Measure Yourself For A Bra?

How do you measure yourself for a bra? Bra measurements can be taken at lingerie or department stores. They have appropriate sizing charts that allow them to fit you for the best bra. Women should measure...

Women should measure themselves at the right under the bottom of the breast, then right across the apex. The apex is across the center of the breasts. Honestly, the way I see it is when there is a fluctuation in weight, women should re-measure themselves. Also, don't buy the bra when you are menstruating, because you are bigger at that point in time; the body swells up in that area.

You have to measure yourself at a department or lingerie store. They can tell you exactly what size that you should buy. They have a chart; for example, if your bottom is 29 and your apex is 35, with those measurements they should give you a 34B bra. With those measurements that's how you fit a bra.

As for the styles of bras, there are tons. Pick the ones that give you the coverage that you need. There's a bra for every kind of occasion.

You have to feel comfortable in it. When you bend down or whatever, you shouldn't feel like your going to pop out; it shouldn't be too loose or too tight. It is a piece of clothing that should not bother you. If a bra fits well, you shouldn't be able to see any lines through your shirt.

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